March 17, 2021

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Competition on the social media front has led many brands and personalities to seek better ways of growing their social media presence. However, even as brands opt for these other methods, organic growth is still important for brands.

Digital entrepreneur Kristina Edwards emphasizes the importance of incorporating organic growth in your growth strategies. So, how do you grow your brand organically in a space where you’re faced with a lot of competition? Kristina recommends these 3 ways.

  • Engage your audience. Growth on social media depends on the connection that you create with your audience. The more involved you are, the more people will want to come back to your account for more. It’s highly unlikely that people will follow or engage with a brand that doesn’t post content or reply to comments from their audience.

Brands that actively engage their audience have a greater chance of growing organically as people find value in being part of your brand’s community. The challenge here is striking a balance; again, even as a good to do, you can’t spend every moment engaging with people online. You can, however, set aside time to engage with your audience. From this engagement, you’ll see your brand begin to enjoy more organic growth and referrals.

  • What’s your brand’s story? People online are spoilt for content. There are millions of posts every second and given the short attention span of most people, you have to work to capture the attention of your audience. Edwards has found from experience that people relate to a brand story that’s told genuinely and authentically.

You should let your audience know what your brand is about, why you started it, and what you hope to achieve. Oftentimes, people will follow brands they identify with, brands they can relate to their stories, or that have a moving story. Moreover, many people are passionate about social issues. If your brand speaks to their interests, you’ll begin to see your pages grow organically.

  • Relook at your content

Your content is the main attraction on your social media pages. You need to ensure that your content is not only engaging, but also shareable. When you have content that people want to share on their pages, you end up attracting more people to your pages and therefore growing.

Kristina recommends that you find out what kind of content your audience most responds to and double down on that. Remember to exercise moderation in everything you do on your social media platforms.

The social media landscape is changing extremely fast, but there’s no denying that organic growth, though not the only way to grow, still remains an integral part of social media growth.

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