March 31, 2021

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Luxury jewelry has a separate demand in the western market. From designer watches, chains to curated collections of gifts, the trend is growing every day. With this huge demand for luxury jewelry came a fresh crop of jewelry artists whose designs have taken the market by storm. Godson Umeh is one such custom jeweler and designer who’s revolutionized the art of luxury jewelry for celebrities and western markets alike.

Born on September 11, 1995, in Reading, United Kingdom, Godson is a British Nigerian custom jewelry designer who shot to fame with his refined sense of luxury items and brilliant strategies to grow his business. Today, Godson is the owner of elite jewelry brand GodsonThePlug. His clientele includes celebrities such as Lil Mosey, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter whose albums have hit the Billboard 100 in 2017, 2019, and 2020. Godson’s also designed jewelry for lifestyle specialist Lawerence Smith, aka Big Larry.

Godson identified his niche for luxury accessories from a very young age, very fascinated by high-end watches and jewelry. The interest gradually became an obsession as he grew up and he wanted to know how they’re made. Godson made several trips to the diamond district of New York to learn jewelry making.

During his school days, he used to resale exclusive and stylish footwear and clothes to his schoolmates and friends. He noticed that people started loving his preferences on anything fashionable. He was the go-to person for suggestions regarding accessories and clothes. Within a few months, his popularity grew so much that his friends used to ask him to accompany them on exclusive shopping trips.

At 19, Godson decided to pursue his dream so he quit school to start his jewelry brand. Right now he owns a luxury jewelry showroom in the heart of London. Godson believes in ensuring ultimate satisfaction to the customer. He feels his biggest achievement as a jewelry designer is when a customer recommends his brand to other people. It works better than those huge investments in ads and marketing.

The 25-year-old is already living his dreams, with plans of taking his brand nationwide in the coming year. He’s also working on making ‘Godson the Plug’ a globally-renowned brand in luxury jewelry and accessories. He believes jewelry can complete a look in a way that no other accessory can. Even a person wearing the most fashionable clothes will require the accessories to complete the look. Godson’s an inspiring figure for all creative people who want to make it big, proving that talent doesn’t require a degree or an academic qualification. Anyone can achieve success with talent and hard work.

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