April 5, 2021

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VFILES, the digital creative platform, now launches as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization called VFILES FOUNDATION with the mission to increase business ownership for creators in underrepresented communities. Announced last fall, VFILES Lab is the incubator program that received hundreds of submissions with the promise of a $10,000 grant, 10-week mentorship program, and a spot to showcase their work at the VFILES LAB 001 event taking place this Friday, April 9th at 12 PM PST on VEEPS.

The runway show meets live stream will fuse music, technology, and fashion while showcasing the handpicked seven LAB grant winners’ innovative and original ideas. Headliners to perform include rapper IDK, who recently announced his Harvard Music Business Course, and R&B darling Sabrina Claudio who will perform with her band for the first time in 2021. A genuinely innovative display of upcoming talent in each sector, Flaunt gives you a rundown of the new talent sure to disrupt the world.

On the tech meets fashion sector, LAB finalist Joshua Mudgett will present CHIMERA, a first-of-its-kind custom fashion artificial intelligence capable of designing custom garments in 3D and 2D flat patterns. Musicians Dorian Electra, Abby Jasmine, and Dallas Austin, alongside designers Namilia and Kim Shui, will debut collaborations with a virtual runway show of the custom designs. Modest Muslim designer Saeedah Haque presents her first runway show live from London, the first to reinvent the Abaya garment into utility wear. Founder Rashaad Strong, will introduce his new platform, ACRES, global e-commerce marketplace planting seeds in developing communities featuring a B2B profit-sharing model designed to fund and establish emerging brands.

With the NFT craze on the ride, Faberium, founded by Bolor Amgalan and Boris Bresil, will debut an Artisanal NFT Marketplace through a virtual exhibition. Additionally, brand PROFET, which mixes meditation with fashion, declares the act of dressing up as a therapeutic moment and will showcase their ready-to-wear and accessories collection titled Thought-Wear. To close out the event, Julian Soto, known for his work with Onyx Collective, will debut music from his solo project, and Cakes Da Killa will debut the trailer for his short film Visibility Sucks.

All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the VFILES Foundation and ticket holders can view the live stream for 24 hours after launch on Friday. Head to VFILES.VEEPS.com for more information.


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