April 8, 2021

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Born in New Jersey and raised in London, exciting pop riser Denis Coleman is making his way back to the US shoreline with his release “Tangerine,” premiering today exclusively on Flaunt.

Creating a refreshing brand of internationally digestible pop, there’s no surprise Denis named this release “Tangerine,” with its zesty punch and flavorsome hook lines—“peeling you open, every segment is golden.” The track itself is written and co-produced by Denis, further illuminating the skill in this 17-year-old as one with incredible talent, exceeding that of most of his peers.

“Tangerine” lands as Denis’ first release of 2021 with the video shot and directed by fast-rising name in the field, Edward Cooke who’s worked with the likes of Juice WRLD, Joji, and Troye Sivan.

Denis explains, “The ‘Tangerine’ video was an absolute joy to film. I worked with Ed Cooke to design a treatment that truly reflected the messages and emotions of the song itself. Every shot in the video serves a purpose—for example the shattered glass represents breaking down superficial reality to reach deeper into someone’s consciousness. I hope this video will be an escape for people, but also challenge them to think deeply about their own reality, what they control and what they do not, which parts are healthy and which aren’t. Fun fact: I spent the entire day after the video icing my neck due to whiplash from all the trampoline impacts (but it was 100% worth it).”

Denis’ back catalogue is equally impressive, having only released his debut EP Don’t Wait 5 months ago. He’s collaborated with top producers Red Triangle (David Guetta/Charlie Puth) and Pete Hammerton (One Direction/Little Mix), accumulated nearly 5 million streams across all streaming platforms, and has performed with some of the biggest U.K. breakthroughs, such as The Vamps and soon to be HRVY later this year.

Looking forward to 2021, Denis will be releasing his second EP this summer, which will feature “Tangerine.”

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