April 9, 2021

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Fedd The God is the newest artist to sign to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang imprint. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the rising rapper is here to tell his story, creating music to connect with people and spread positivity. Growing up in the trenches of Steel City, real name James William Fedd Jr. saw everything a typical young black male would see: murder, drugs, violence… you name it.

Beginning his music journey back in 2005, he continues to put in the work necessary to make it to the big leagues. Today, he returns to release his highly-anticipated EP titled Speed Racer, which he describes as “fast as hell.” Spearheaded by previous singles “No Limit,” “King James,” “42,” and “Yea Yup” featuring Wiz Khalifa, the project is chock-full of emotion and his regular fast-paced lifestyle.

In an exclusive quote to Flaunt, he states, “I want fans to get out and lose themselves and have a ball. We’ve been living too cramped up, go have some fun for a little bit. Go talk your shit and release good energy.”

Stream Speed Racer below and turn up for the summertime!

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