April 13, 2021

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Los Angeles-based duo OYLS have dropped a star-studded music video featuring actor Danny Trejo. Entitled “Netflix (Your Product is Too Good),” the single talks of modern-day addiction to technology and how the effect of having easy access to an unlimited supply of media is totally unhealthy. The LA pair share, “The song is really about how we cope with our negative feelings, whether they stem from the stress of our daily lives, mental illness, or uncertainty about the world.”

The video shows Trejo engulfed in his television screen, munching on microwave popcorn. Carefully and subtly, the visuals follow the lyrics through Trejo’s expressions and reactions to his environment, highlighting his uneasiness, irritability, and frustration. Through unstable movements and behaviors, Trejo shows us the effects of his stagnant routine. Taking a sip of “OYLS Cola” from the vending machine outside his apartment, it’s these small pleasures that give him instant gratification.

The video oozes retro vibes, even down to the fine detail of the video being the shape of an old TV. Ultimately Trejo’s ability to encapsulate all of the complex emotions that come hand in hand with mental health issues comes through, and the setting on the video gives us a chance to hone in on just that. This is all with the intention to help destigmatize mental illness.

Netflix Zoloft 35mm BTS-05oylsflaunt.jpg

The song features an electronic vibe with an old school feel, glistening with echoing taps, stabs of synths, clicks, and a minimalist approach in the verses which opens up space for the lyrics. A more upbeat moment fills the chorus with memorable phrases and some scattered production elements which are highly reflective of some of the feelings that mental health conditions can cause.

The song has a scatty, but composed, element, as well as ad-libs added which heighten the setting of the video and how we absorb ourselves in these behaviors: “It’s 4 in the morning and I’m binging on shows, I’m a loser. I ate 12 muffins and I didn’t even want one.”

Netflix Zoloft 35mm BTS-18OYLSFLAUNT.jpg

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