April 13, 2021

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“Queen shit bitch!” Queen Key has been grinding for years, and her time is now. The Chicago rapper is here to represent for the female rappers, exploding onto the scene with her critically-acclaimed single “My Way” in 2017. 4 years later, the song sees a revival when clips of Kim and Khloe Kardahsian dancing to the record surfaced on social media.

In “My Way,” Key spits “I got zero fuckin’ children, I got zero fuckin’ children.” The irony arrives last year, when Queen Key broke the internet announcing she was having triplets. Now, @keyplusthree is not only a part of her brand, but her artistry and life in all fronts—and fans can’t get enough!

Of course, keeping tabs on 3 babies can be a lot, but Key says it’s great for her. She explains, ”It’s hella shit to do, and you have to be smart as fuck. People smart, street smart, book smart: you have to be smart in every way, you’re dealing with 3 people. It’s perfect for me, they make me happy as fuck.” 

Stepping into 2021 with her foot on the gas pedal and no breaks, Queen is as excited as ever to be releasing her forthcoming album titled All Eyez On Key, inspired by the late great Tupac. With all-star features from fellow Chicago native Polo G, Kidd Ken, Yung Baby Tate, and Tay Money, the project will undoubtedly be laced with bad-bitch anthems, along with Queen’s first-person perspective being a mother to triplets Krown, Kash, and Kreative.

ICYMI, Queen Key also blessed fans with her “BAP” remix to Cardi B’s “WAP,” which Cardi reposted to her Instagram. Flaunt caught up with Queen Key in person at THC Design facility in downtown Los Angeles, shortly after an exclusive tour for their BY DESIGN series. Read below as we discuss her reaction to her pregnancy, the reality of having triplets, Kardashians dancing to “My Way,” recording “Too Hot” in 2019, All Eyez On Key, acting in Loud Burger, and more!

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What’s the reality of balancing a rap career and being a mother to triplets?

I think it adds to my career. My babies are a part of my career, they’re a part of my life. We got @keyplusthree going, I run that page. I made it to where it’s no hindrance. It’s all good, they a part of the show. The babies poppin’! [laughs] Motherfuckers want to see the babies. I still can’t believe I did that.

How was the pregnancy process?

The beginning was rough, because I was sick. It was the morning sickness shit times 3. That shit was tough, but other than that, it was all good. I really didn’t have to lift a finger for real. Muthafuckas think I’m on bullshit now, but when I was pregnant, I really had an excuse to be lazy as fuck. [laughs] I was off the chain.

What were you doing?

My brother had to deal with me a lot because I moved in the middle of my pregnancy, from my house to another house. My brother was with me, ooh. I wanted him to have my food ready from the time I woke up, I didn’t want to have to tell him what the fuck I wanted. He needs to have that shit on demand, on standby. When he’d open my garage, it’d make me mad. Girl I was crazy.

Poor guy, is he good?

He’s good. He’s probably traumatized. We’re 2 years apart, he’s my big brother. He’s cool, he knows how I’m coming. I know that was an experience for his ass, and I wasn’t smoking. Why do I smell weed? Going crazy. They say it’s not bad to smoke weed when you’re pregnant it’s just how you do It. How I smoke weed, it’s unhealthy so I chose not to do It. I was already high risk as fuck so I ain’t finna smoke no big ass Backwood. Weed really would smell to me when I was pregnant. That shit stank, I couldn’t believe it. That’s the biggest shock.

What did you want for breakfast?

Usually all I want is French toast, cheese, eggs.

Do you cook?

Nuh uh, I don’t cook. I don’t give a fuck. If a motherfucker wants someone to cook that bad, I’ll order a bitch to cook. I don’t feel like it, they’re supposed to cook for me. That’s not even how I show my love. I have to show my love a different way.

What was your reaction when you found out you’re having triplets?

I was cracking the fuck up. Play too much, I be serious about the most irritating shit. Blows me about what I’m serious about. I was in LA moving here, trying it out. I was only going to stay here for a month, just got the crib. I was on day number 2 or 3: out of nowhere, boom sick as hell. I’m throwing up uncontrollably, figured I had food poisoning. I had to go back to Chicago because my sister wrote a book and was having a book signing. That’s the day I found out I was pregnant. I was sick, my friend said “you need to take a pregnancy test.” I said “bitch I can’t get pregnant.” Fuck it, my cousin went to go get it.

I pissed on the stick, does two lines mean you are or you ain’t? My cousin started cracking up. Damn g, so I’m pregnant? I thought it was one baby. I went to the doctor, she said “yeah you’re for sure pregnant.” [starts fake crying] I went back and told my cousin, “I see why you said you cried when you got pregnant, you can’t fucking help it.” When the doctor tells you that, it makes you cry. Some movie shit. I had a flight to LA that same night, that didn’t work out. I got sick as hell, the ambulance had to come get me out of my Airbnb. I had to get an emergency ultrasound. They said “yeah the reason you’re so sick is because you’re diagnosed with triplets.” I still can’t believe I pulled that shit off.

What were you doing when you found out the Kardashians were bumping “My Way”?

This was on the plane on the way here [LA]. My text messages started magically working on it, I swear I’ve never texted on a plane. My Instagram at that, fuck the texts. The connections were bouncing off of each other, it was working a little bit. I was able to see my messages, it said “Kim playing your music. The Kardashians playing your music.” I couldn’t see the video, I could only see the messages. That’s when I hooked up to the plane Wi-Fi, they got my $8. I seen it like oh shit, it’s up! My big mouth did it again. They were dancing to my shit, period.

Talk about the grind, that was 4 years ago.

Exactly, but I ain’t even surprised. It’s funny and interesting that my time that shit’s really unfolding and coming about. Even though I’ve been seeing progress since I first started, it’s funny to me that this is the time. That was to give me some control, for real. If I was to be a millionaire without my babies, I wouldn’t last too long. That’s why motherfuckers be tweaking. I was too wild. It’s good, I have some structure.

What were you on creating “Too Hot (Street)”?

I fake freestyled the shit. I made “Too Hot” in 2019. I made it a couple weeks before I got pregnant so I wasn’t thinking about dropping it. I had bigger fish to fucking fry. [laughs] I made the song in fall 2019, I was all pregnant so I wasn’t able to shoot the video. I like doing my shit with videos. I had my babies in March, shot the video in July. It ended up dropping in February. I low key wasn’t going to drop it. It didn’t drop when I wanted to drop it, so I didn’t want It anymore. Sometimes I really want stuff when I want it. I can’t stress that enough because some stuff is really supposed to happen at a certain time for a certain outcome. I be knowing, it be this little magic thing and I gotta listen to that shit. If I don’t listen, I be so blue—but I really can’t be mad at anyone but myself.

Are you spiritual?


Do you meditate?

I try. I meditate my way, but I wanna learn how to meditate way better. Really deeply.

All Eyez On Key coming this summer, inspired by Tupac. What can we expect?

You can expect more of me. The amount I give of myself be like this [pinches fingers], so y’all can expect more of me, songs about my life. Expect different melodies. Except the greatest shit ever. All Eyez On Key gon’ be the greatest shit so far.

Any Tupac references? 

I for sure gotta do “All Eyez On Key” like “All Eyez On Me.” I’ma do “Ambitious Az A Ridah.” You know how it goes “I won’t deny it, I’m a straight ridah”? Mine is “I won’t deny It, I’m a face ridah.” [laughs] You feel me? Expect some shit like that. Somebody helped me come up with that. My shit, I let people I’m around give me ideas ‘cause all of that matters.

I love that you have Yung Baby Tate and Tay Money as features! 

I love them. They my bitches, shout out to them. It’s funny because we’re all short and little. I did an interview at Lyrical Lemonade and Tay was there. It was nice, real cool. It was fun. The headquarters are right in Chicago.

Anything else you’d like to let us know? 

I’m a real mama, I don’t even have my nails on. I just did a video shoot, I make it so they make my nails press-on no matter what I do. I shot a movie, and every day, I made them put on my press-on nails. I can’t take care of my babies how I need to with them fucking nails. Before I know, I’ll be scratching them. Bitches who say they take care of their babies with long nails, they’re lying! [laughs] No bullshit.

You said movie, you’re talking about Loud Burger? 

Yeah, Loud Burger! It’s the new funny, black classic movie, no bullshit. It gives me Friday vibes as far as the effect, it’ll have that impact.

Are you acting acting?

We acting g, it’s a real movie. The shit was crazy, I ain’t gon’ lie. That shit required so much dedication. This past 2 years, I’ve really been having to prove to the universe and God that I want what I ask for. That I’m deserving of what I want, the shit be crazy. Everything I say, I’m gonna do, God gives me the opportunity and possibility to do it. It’s all on me. Every time it happens, damn oh shit. Holy fuck. The movie was one of those things because I always said I’d do a movie. I didn’t know I’d do it that quick though, that’s raw.

How’d it happen?

It happened because of my manager Mikkey and his brother Rico. They’re a dynamic duo, they’re real nice. I fuck with them, they’re actual great men. They put it together, hired all the people. Rico wrote the script, they really put the shit together.

When’s it coming out? 

I don’t know. I can’t wait to see it all put together because I’ve done shit I don’t even remember. We’d be doing that shit all day. The average day was 10am to 1am, and that’s every day. That’s the whole damn day. After a while, the babies had to come on set. Superstar babies, they’re down for the cause. My babies will be in a lot of stuff. It’s good they’re experiencing it before they turn one, because they’re gonna be pros.

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