April 15, 2021

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Australian alternative pop artist Chymes is here to bless the world with her undeniable charm and vocals. Her name itself dates back to the Greco-Roman times, taking the name of the founder of alchemy with the power of transforming something from ordinary to extraordinary. Two years ago, Jungkook from Kpop group BTS tweeted a link to Chymes’ single “Dreaming”… and the rest was history.

Now, she releases the official music video for “Death Wish,” premiered today exclusively on Flaunt. The idea for the song derives from the moment when your mother scolds you for doing something stupid and says “Have you got a death wish?” It’s about being desperately attached to someone or something that’s bad for you and doesn’t do anything good in your life, but the adrenaline of the danger is addictive and makes you feel alive. This person or thing has got such a tight grip on you and you do nothing to fight it.

Speaking on the record, Chymes states, “I relate this song to my battle with my anxiety disorder. It’s definitely this awful thing that’s attached to me, or that I’m attached to, and I can’t get rid of it. It fuels my everyday motions and I know it’s not healthy, but it’s hard to fight it.”

“Death Wish” hails from Chyme’s forthcoming EP titled Hell & Divine, slated to arrive on May 28th. The project is an energizing whirl of power struggles and finding one’s voice, offering an intriguing push-and-pull of ethereal vocals mingled with assertive beats.

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