April 20, 2021

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One of my absolute fave brands, PLUS, recently debuted yet another killer product to add to their line of always-delicious cannabis edibles: Hash Gummies. PLUS is one of California’s best-known brands that makes safe and approachable cannabis edibles. Their Strains line was released late last year, and we’re super excited they ventured into the hash world!

PLUS’s limited-edition Hash Gummies combine the best of both worlds: flower and flavor. They partnered with Biscotti Brands, the heroes of hash, to secure single-strain, solventless, ice water hash for the ultimate edible experience. Infused with the calming and revitalizing MAC (aka Miracle Alien Cookies) strain, these 10mg THC edibles bring you as close to the cannabis plant as possible in a gummy.

What is this incredible Biscotti hash, you ask? Hash, or hashish, is the oldest and purest cannabis concentrate in the world, made from the trichomes of the cannabis plant. Biscotti, the original Italian cannabis brand, artfully handcrafts deluxe hash products beloved by both old-school and new hash consumers. They stay true to centuries-old hash traditions while incorporating modern technologies and Italian craftsmanship to bring the best of hash to cannabis consumers.


Biscotti’s contemporary approach to making high-quality hash is all but simple—however, it’s so worth it. Their “low and slow” process uses ice water to gently extract the full spectrum of cannabis trichomes for an experience like none other. The infusion of ice water hash into PLUS’s Hash Gummies makes for a pure, powerfully potent and natural gummy with the widest range of therapeutic effects.

PLUS isn’t joking around with this exclusive release. I got my hands on some Hash Gummies… what an amazing high! If you’re curious about the hype surrounding the full entourage effect, Hash Gummies will show you what it’s all about. Plus, the hybrid MAC strain used gave me a divine, uplifting high with a creativity boost that had me looking to create something artsy.

PLUS threw a live virtual cooking and dancing bash on Sunday, April 18th to kick off 4/20. What better way to celebrate the weed holiday than with some Hash Gummies?!

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