April 26, 2021

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okayceci is here to make her mark in the music industry: reminding folks that when you see pink, you see her coming. Creating her own version of bedroom pop, the rising artist fuses her own blend of pop and electronic, laced with guitar, drums, hip-hop, and everything in between. Her goal is to be more diverse, with fans even comparing her to the amazingly talented Clairo.

It was in high school when she began making music, teaching herself and taking the necessary steps such as creating a name. okayceci hails from her middle name Ceci, as she prefers not to use her real name (because it’s long). Recently, she returned with her 3rd single ever titled “pink”, a theme she carries over from her personality to her artistry. She’s received millions of streams early in her career, including multiple placements on “Bedroom Pop”, one of Spotify’s marquee playlists.

Flaunt caught up with okayceci via FaceTime, who was located in Illinois one hour away from Chicago visiting a friend. Read below as we discuss her childhood, moving all over, biggest influences, love for Clairo, debut single “feel u,” how she got her name, new single “pink,” love for visuals, studio essentials, fashion style, goals, and more!

Being from Miami, what was the household like growing up?

I was raised by a single dad. I was born in Miami, it was really nice. I was by the beach, but then we moved to California… I’ve been everywhere honestly. I’ve lived in maybe 6 states? [laughs] I’ve been everywhere.

Biggest influences?

I look up to Kali Uchis, because she’s from Colombia. I like a lot of Spanish music. Also Megan, SZA, and Clairo of course.

How does it feel to have Clairo comparisons?

With my first song, “feel u”, they’d say, “You sound like Clairo! You should do a song with Clairo,” I like being compared to other artists. I don’t really mind, because I look up to them in the first place. They inspired me.

At what point did you realize this music thing was for real?

Recently. I started when I was a senior, so kind of late. When I posted “feel u”, that’s how I realized “Oh, I can make money from this.” I didn’t know I could, I thought maybe $5 dollars per month. Now, I’m taking it way more seriously. Still having fun with it though. [laughs]

Bring us back to when you recorded “feel u.”

I wrote the song in my room. I recorded everything on my iPhone on GarageBand, with an iPhone microphone. I would hold it like this [gestures], put a blanket over my head and I’d record it. Wrote it myself, did everything on my phone because I didn’t have any equipment or anything.

Inspiration behind your name?

I used to watch a lot of YouTube, I had no friends because I moved a lot. A lot of YouTubers were putting their name or nickname and they’d put “okay” in front of it. That’s not a thing anymore, but I thought that’d be a good username for Instagram. I started putting it everywhere, on all my socials. My middle name’s Cecilia, or Ceci for short.

“pink” is out now, how does it feel to have it out?

It’s my third single I put out, and my theme is pink! It’s a little more fun compared to what I first released.

Is pink your favorite color?

Yes, definitely. I like pink. It used to be green. I was going to do green, but Billie already has that so… [laughs]

What was your vision with the visual?

There’s no budget, so I have to work with what I got. I recorded on the phone and I did the editing on my phone too. It’s a little vibe, a little pink visual.

What is it you want fans to get from your story?

I’ve never been really good in school, and I have a single dad that raised me. I had no experience with music, no equipment. But nowadays if you have a phone, you can make music.

What can we expect from your forthcoming project, u r cute?

Right now, still just releasing singles. Definitely a different type of style will be next. Sometimes I do more upbeat, but maybe it’ll be a more sing-y, calm, guitar one. I always try to make it a little different every time. Expect something more of how “feel u” is.

3 things you need in the studio?

Now that I have a manager and producer thankfully, water, tea, and my phone because I write stuff on my phone. Tea for the throat, and water. That’s all I have in the studio. Oh and I write all my songs in a little book, so exchange the water for a book. [laughs] I have a little fuzzy book, I have every song in there.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I like baggy pants and tight tops, or little shirts. I guess street style, but also thrifty style. I don’t really know the names of styles, I wear whatever honestly. [laughs]

Goals as an artist at this point of your career?

To grow a bigger following, and to do a song with Clairo, for sure. So if you know her… [laughs]

Anything else you’d like to let the people know?

There should be better visuals soon. When I get a little budget, there’ll be better music videos. I like visuals a lot, but there’s only so much you can do with an iPhone camera. I’ll have a new song soon! Thank you for listening to my music!

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