April 28, 2021

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Ty’Liyah Monroe is the Tatted Goddess, per her Instagram bio, but there are so many layers behind the North Carolina native. Getting her start in the music industry as a video vixen, Monroe jumpstarted her career in Atlanta where she’s been residing for the last 15 years. From modeling to hosting to simply blessing audiences with her undeniable charm and charisma, Monroe is here to inspire the masses to work hard and follow their wildest dreams.

One look at her, and you’ll immediately notice the 132 tattoos covering her body, and it’s all eyes on Monroe when she enters the room. Most recently, she was featured in standout music videos including Jeezy’s “One Time,” Lil Baby’s “Boss B***h,” Young Dolph’s “Paranoid“, K Camp’s “Tatted Up,” Lil Duval’s “Be Happy“ featuring T.I., and Wiz Khalifa’s “Going Hard.”

Beyond that, she’s an official BelAire Champagne model and has made appearances on Black Ink, Love & Hip Hop, and even Kevin Hart’s movie School Night. Flaunt caught up with Monroe via FaceTime to discuss her roots in North Carolina, Atlanta’s influence, favorite video with Wiz Khalifa, being a live canvas on Black Ink, her favorite tattoos, conversations with Rick Ross, goals, and more!

How would you describe yourself?

I’m versatile, cool, and down-to-earth. I’m chill, laidback. A little crazy. [laughs]

What was it like growing up in North Carolina?

It was country. So you know, we had to find things to do. I was more so in the house. I was a house child so I was always on the phone, I was listening to music. I used to do hair when I was younger, that’s how I was making my money.

How did Atlanta influence you? 

My family moved here when I was 15. I went my own route because Atlanta is fast-paced, so just being in the streets. [laughs]

Do you remember your first big video? What was your biggest big break, would you say?

The first video I ever did, I believe it was for T-Pain. The first big one. I did do one for Pretty Tony, that’s my first video ever.

What’s your favorite video you’ve done?

The one I did with Wiz Khalifa. That’s one of my favorites because it was a nice, cool, little chill vibe, but I always have fun when I’m on set. I really don’t have a favorite, I have fun when I’m on set.

How was it shooting Jeezy’s “1 Time?”

That was a dope experience. I was on set for 13 hours. It was me and two other girls, then it ended being me and one other girl in the remaining scenes. We was definitely on set for some hours.

How was your experience on Black Ink?

That was dope! I just went back on there, I got booked. They had an art gallery, auctioning off the artwork. I got to be a live canvas, that was super dope. I was standing up. They had me painted as Miss Atlanta, so they had different things that resemble Atlanta. You know the Interstate 20, Magic City, it was different paintings in reference to Atlanta. They had the the girl from New York to represent New York, so it was two of us. We’re the live Canvas for that, it was pretty dope. It should be on air.

Which Black Ink was it?

Well it was Black Ink New York, but they came to Atlanta.

How do you like reality television?

It’s super fun. I’ve been doing my extra work for a minute now. I did Love & Hip Hop, I did Growing Up Hip Hop, I did Leave It To Stevie. It’d be funny, especially when there’s a lot of drama involved. You’ll never know who coming in there on some drama. It’s really dope to be able to witness everything before it airs on TV.

You have 130 tattoos. What are some of your favorites?

Actually, I have 132 now because I did just get a few more tats. [laughs] They are therapeutic. I love getting them, especially if I’m having a bad day or if I’m sad. It’s definitely a go for me, I love getting tatted. My favorite one is on my foot, it says “the struggle is part of the story.” One of my most meaningful tattoos.

I do have a lot, some of them I did get because they’re cute. I’ve got another one, it’s a bunny. She’s holding a grenade, but she’s crying. The quote says “emotionally bipolar,” she’s at the center of her emotions. Because you know a little bunny is innocent, but she’s holding a grenade and she’s crying. She really not finna do this, but she’s doing it because of her emotions.

Being a black woman modeling in an industry dominated by white women, how does that feel? 

Well I’m in Atlanta, so it’s predominantly black. I’m in the urban world where I’m at in Atlanta, so it’s cool. It’s awesome. I do get a lot of gigs because of my tattoos. I haven’t really got turned away because of the tattoos that I have, but some places do say, “Oh, you can’t have that many tattoos.” Or sometimes I have to sign a waiver. When I did high school, I had to cover as many tattoos. Every time I go on a movie set, oh my gosh I have to cover my tattoos.

What’s your secret to staying snatched?

Oh, it’s that BBL! [laughs] Get that BBL and then you eat healthy. I don’t eat meat. I do eat bread because now I got snatched, so I can cheat a little bit. I definitely drink a lot of water and I eat vegetables. I try to eat a little healthy lifestyle, but I definitely don’t eat meat. My only problem is cheese. I love cheese!

What’s your favorite cheese?

Um… I like them all. [laughs] I love cheese. That’s my problem because I tried to go vegan. I was vegan for two weeks, like full vegan. But it’s the macaroni, it’s the pizza. I tried the vegan macaroni and vegan pizza,  it’s alright but it ain’t that.

How are you feeling with everything, especially with COVID happening last year? 

COVID didn’t really affect me in the sense of business because I make money in different ways. I make money off of Instagram promotions, being a brand ambassador. I have online businesses, then my music. It cut back from the videos, just a little from being on set and being around people especially when we couldn’t really go out like that. It’s a blessing and a curse because it did bring me closer to my family. I was able to spend more time with my family, that was a good blessing for me. It really didn’t affect me.

Talk about the music. What you working on? 

Right now, I’m currently working on the EP. I have 5 singles out right now, but I’m working on the EP. I’m in Cali at the moment, so I was gon’ see if I can get some little Cali vibes going on. I’m working on it, I think I have 3 songs. I’ll probably do 5 songs total on the EP.

When did you realize you could do music for a living?

I was always into music when I was younger, but I do suffer from social anxiety and all that. Me performing in front of people, I have to overcome that fear. I started recorded music 2017/2018, but I always loved music. When I was younger, I said “I’m going to be this famous singer!” Moving to Atlanta, I rerouted my lifestyle. I’m getting back focused on my dreams and my goals.

What are your dreams and your goals?

Some of them are of course, to be successful. I do want to open a homeless shelter. I was talking about that yesterday, it’s been on my mind for a long time now. I have a very soft spot for the homeless people. I don’t know why but one of my goals in life is to open a homeless shelter. I have two brands, which is the Ty’Liyah Monroe, then I have my Versetël brand. Of course, I want that to be big. To be able to give back and be an inspiration to others to help motivate other people. If they feel like giving up, they can look at me and say “oh, Ty’Liyah did it? I can do it.”

What’s the reality of being an entrepreneur? 

Oof, the reality is the headache! [laughs] But it’s a beautiful thing, especially for people who got bad boss mentality. A lot of people can’t listen to other people, or they can’t work with other people. It’s a headache. You got your ups and your downs, but it’s beautiful when you winning. When you going through your hard times, it allows you to be able to appreciate your growth when you become successful. You’re like “okay I came from this, I went to this. I’m here now, I’m doing good.”

Talk about being a model for Bellaire as well.

I love my Bellaire. It’s super dope! I met Ross. I haven’t met Brett yet, but I definitely met Ross before. It’s going really good. It’s been very impactful. A lot of people have been on the Bellaire, they seen me with it. So yeah, it’s going good. I don’t get a check for it yet, but Ross told me it took him a whole year to get his check.

It took him a whole year to get a check? That’s wild.

Yep, so he’s saying keep grinding and push it as it’s yours. It shows that you really rock with them, you know?

Who are your top artists in rotation?

Mmm, I love Nicki Minaj. [laughs] I love Nicki, I love Summer Walker. Them my type of vibes.

What can we expect music-wise? 

I just got all my music so I promote it all. I post this song or this song, and let people pick their vibes. Because there’s different vibes: I got R&B, then I have some rap songs. It’s different vibes, I really push them all.

Anything else you want to let the people know?

Follow me on Instagram @IamTyliahMonroe. Check out my website at www.TyLiyahMonroe.com. I have my number, it’s 404-737-0696. Everybody can text that number and stay in contact with me so they can know everything I got going on. Shout out to AllMasterMinds as well!

That’s dope you talk to your fans like that.

My fans love for me to be active with them. I think I’m at almost 230K followers on Instagram, most of them are definitely organic. I keep vibing with my fans. They know I’m loco. They know I’m crazy, but they love me and I love them. I interact with everything because you never know who you’re gonna meet. I am humble, but you know how some girls are. People feel like I’m stuck up if they see me, but when they get to know me, they’re like “oh she’s cool. She’s super cool.” Because you never know, you block you blessings being stuck up and snobby.

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