May 4, 2021

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You should never judge a book by its cover. Too many of us are quick to pass comments on a person’s weight, height, or age. Human beings, it seems, are an incredulously judgmental bunch.

So it is with models. We see them on TV being clothes hangers, and we assume that’s all they’re good at. We don’t see the endless hours practicing in front of the mirror. We don’t see the prepared answers, learned scripts, and the backstage negotiations. No, we see someone showing off designer clothes, and we judge them on their looks.

Conversely, we assume they’re stupid because of how good they look—while we all aspire to look as good as they do. Which brings us back to the original point: that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Daniela Tablante has been proving to the world that you can look fantastic in red ball gowns, while still being a CEO and #GirlBoss.

The model, actress, producer, and CEO started with a college education in Mass Communications, later returning for a second degree with a focus on Media Business. She started out as a reporter for Univision in Central Florida, before returning for her Masters degree.

After all that studying, Daniela worked at an internship with KSDK in St. Louis. Later, she hosted a morning show in Orlando, delivering the news to her Hispanic audience. She produced a documentary which is on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV (Families are Forever, Parkland Strong). She even helped in the production of the movie, Blue Springs.

After all of that—and only after all of that—Daniela Tablante turned her attention to modeling. Her looks had never been something that she depended on to get her through life, nor had they made things easy for her as a Latina woman. Rather, they had been an aspect of her femininity more likely to hold her back in her studies than do her any good. People see her beauty and assume she is less than what she is, even though she had a Masters degree before she ever started modeling.

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