May 6, 2021

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Candid, accessible and uninhibited lyricism outline alternative pop singer-songwriter Theo Kandel’s inspired Spin Cycle EP, which tackles the cyclical mental and emotional experiences that arrive following a break up. As Kandel puts it, the project captures “that idea of circular thinking that you can have when you experience heartbreak—or any kind of sadness like that—where you keep finding yourself back in the same place.”

Not too long from now, Kandel will be unpacking and settling into Los Angeles following a stint in Nashville where the EP was written and mostly recorded in his bedroom. Born and raised in New York City, he’s been absorbing and creating from the diverse musical influences found while living in New York City and Music City. What comes across in Spin Cycle’s 6-song collection is equally vulnerable as it is highly unique. The songs are musically complex, layered, and blend a variety of instrumentation that creates a special alchemy; a musical fingerprint that directly identifies Kandel.

“i don’t wanna think about that” is an infectious and musically cinematic single from Spin Cycle, premiering exclusively today with Flaunt. The song touches on self-navigation and decoding of emotions when a romantic relationship comes to close.

Lyrics to the hook:

“Well is it pain

The reason I knock myself out every night

Is it shame

The reason I can’t make love cuz it don’t feel right

Am I insane

For pushing away the only girl who ever had my back

Well I don’t wanna think about that no.”

Spin Cycle is slated to be released on Friday, June 18.

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