May 14, 2021

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Journey Christine is only 7 years old and already living out her wildest dreams. Oftentimes we ask the question: “what should we watch on Netflix?!” Insert The Upshaws, the new comedic sitcom centered around a modern-day family in Indiana. Created by Regina Y. Hicks and the legendary Wanda Sykes, the new series stars the hilarious Mike Epps, the incredible Kim Fields, and Wanda Sykes herself.

Journey’s adorableness and beauty does not go unnoticed, as she proudly steps into the role as the 6-year-old Maya Upshaw, Bennie Upshaw’s (Mike Epps) youngest daughter. The series showcases the dynamics we all experience within our families, paired with endless humor that will have you keep coming back.

AllHipHop was present for Journey Christine’s red carpet moment, arriving at Cinelounge on Sunset in West Hollywood. Read below as we discuss filming the show and what it means to work with such legends.Image (2).jpeg

How does it feel to be here today at the Netflix Upshaws?

It feels amazing to really watch myself on TV, couple episodes and I’m so excited to watch it. It’s a blessing I get to be on this type of show with lots of famous people. Legends! Wow, this is crazy.

Are you even familiar with these legends?

Well, I didn’t know about them until now. My mom told me all about them. Wow, I’m really on a TV show with these super famous, legendary people. I’m so happy now.

Greatest memory on set working with Mike Epps, Wanda Sykes, Kim Fields?

They’re all super funny. They all make jokes in between the scenes. All their characters are so funny. We’re a working class family, everyone’s trying to be a normal family. Sometimes it goes wrong, sometimes it goes bad. Just normal problems.

What’s your favorite part about filming The Upshaws?

My favorite part was when I said, “Mom, I’m a gymnast now!” And I fell. I said, “Well, this is my life now!” I ran back up and fell on the stairs. I said “I’m okay!” It was so much fun. It’s so fun being with them.

Did it hurt?

No, that’s what I was supposed to do because they have a little pad. I stopped, then I went “I’m okay!” It was so funny because everybody thought I actually fell, but it was pretend.

What can your fans look forward to watching this show?

It’s on Netflix, you guys can check it out. I have some very good memories about it. I don’t even know what to say, it’s so amazing. It’s a blessing to have this happen to me. I wasn’t booking anything first, then my mom said, “Something bigger is gonna come.” And poof! Look at this.

Image (3).jpeg

Is this your first big break?

Yes, this is my very first big, huge thing. Usually, it’s a normal movie. Now it’s a legendary show with lots of big famous people in it. Wow, this is amazing.

What was your reaction when you booked the show?

We live in this apartment. I was so happy that I tried to jump on the bed but I couldn’t because it was a top bunk and a bottom bunk. I was on the bottom so I couldn’t jump or else I would’ve banged my head. I jumped on the pillow and I started screaming, “Yayyyyy!” [laughs]

What do you like to do for fun?

I like playing with my brothers. I like swimming, but that doesn’t really happen all the time because I only get to go in the summer when it’s super bright outside and sunny. I like to color sometimes, I like to write. I really like hanging out with my brothers.

What’re you most excited for this year?

Now that the world’s opening back up, well I’m still going to wear my mask. I’m still going to do all this, this and that. I’m going to stay regular.

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