May 14, 2021

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“Danger” is a heated island pop track as a result of a powerhouse international collaboration between Inigo Pascual, GRAMMY-nominated Common Kings, produced by the GRAMMY nominated producer, DJ Flict (Fifth Harmony, Lauryn Hill, Meghan Trainor, Wiz Khalifa). The track lyrically revolves around fatal attraction with a feisty female and teasing to play with “danger.” The catchy hook and bridge make for an infectious jam perfect for a hot summer day at home, or a road trip to the beach.

This is the first collaboration between the 3 artists: Fil-Am, GRAMMY nominated, hit producer DJ Flict, international pop star Inigo Pascual, and island reggae legends Common Kings for a much anticipated summer anthem set to take the world by storm in 2021.

“When we first heard the track from Inigo and DJ Flict, right away we knew it was gonna be a worldwide smash. We can’t wait to perform it worldwide! We toured all over the world, Australia, Japan, Fiji – but we’ve never toured in the Philippines and we’d love to be out there. So much love for the Filipinos all around the world. Nothing but feel good vibes, coming to you soon.” – Common Kings on “Danger”

“When I made this record, I did picture Inigo on it, and obviously he sounds amazing on it, and when we started talking about a feature, it was automatic for me to get the Common Kings. We go way back, and countless hits & a GRAMMY nominated album together. I’m not gonna name all of the songs we’ve done together, they’re so many. But out of all the records we have this one, I feel is really special, and I think it’s gonna speak to everyone. I’m glad we could do this for the US, the Philippines, and everyone around the world,” remarks DJ Flict on “Danger”.

“I had a lot of fun recording this song with DJ Flict and music video even during the middle of the pandemic. “Danger” is a feel good song that you can enjoy anywhere like on a beach in Hawaii or in the car cruising with your friends in LA. I can’t wait to perform it one day with the Common Kings,” said Inigo Pascual on “Danger”

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