May 17, 2021

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Pastel colors and summers have some sort of affinity that attracts every fashion lover. Chvker Jewelry leverages pastels for its recently launched Spring/Summer ’21 collection. The new arrivals focus on lifestyle jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, and hair accessories.

Nazlia Yunus, founder of Chvker Jewelry, shares, “Summer is all about finding balance in life. Amid the heat, everyone looks to combine fashion accessories that bring cheer to the season. With our Spring/Summer ’21 collection, we aim to strike that balance with pastel hues that anyone can explore, irrespective of their personal style.”

Known for its handmade and limited-edition jewelry, Chvker combines crystals in various shapes and sizes with gold vermeil-plated sterling silver. Nazlia Yunus elaborates, “At Chvker, we prefer gold vermeil-plating over traditional gold plating. The process includes adding a real 14-karat gold layer over a sterling silver base. The results are overwhelming as Chvker Vermeil Jewelry looks no less than real gold, yet this luxury is affordable for every fashionista.”

FLAUNT Chvker Jewelry.jpeg

Nazlia shares, “While working on the latest collection, our motive was to create dreamy jewelry that women of all ages can flaunt in these tough times. There has been a steep rise in Zoom calls and virtual engagement in every industry. During these gloomy times, a beautiful piece of jewelry can act as an element of positivity to inspire not just you but others too.”

Whether it is hearts, butterflies, snakes, or angel cursives, the entire Chvker SS ’21 collection is breathtakingly beautiful. The brand stays true to its handmade lineage and sustainable fashion ethos. “Driven by uniqueness and exclusivity, Chvker believes in creating limited edition jewelry,” shares Nazlia Yunus.

Chvker Jewelry has amassed a massive fan following on social media platforms, with top celebrities and fashionistas meticulously flaunting their Chvker moments; check here.

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