May 17, 2021

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Tyra Jutai is an Canadian singer, songwriter, producer as well as being all-round creative, and she has just unveiled a cinematic visual for her single “Frida.”

The single appeared on her brand new EP, You Weren’t A Muse, released on March 26th. It was inspired by the Golden Age Hollywood actress, singer and sex symbol Mae West, as well as her 1933 movie I’m No Angel.

The single was written and produced by Tyra Jutai herself, along with the award-winning Montreal producer John Nathaniel (One Republic, Gwen Stefani). The visuals accompanying the song were conceptualised by Jutai and rising creative director Piper Ellis.

“Frida” is driven by sinister marching drums accompanied by string arrangements, making the single an exquisite slow-burning gloomy pop offering. With this single, Jutai is telling a tale about betrayal, jealousy, and revenge between lovers and best friends. All of this is delivered by her captivating songwriting and, of course, her outstanding vocal showing.

Jutai says, “The song ‘Frida’ was inspired by a beautiful woman who tried to hook up with my boyfriend while I wasn’t around. I really fixated on the psychology of understanding going after someone else’s lover. When I say ‘Were you tortured by the same things that I was, running around looking for love to steal’, what I mean is that both Frida and I were lacking love and trying to find it where we could.”

Jutai also adds that she is not shaming Frida in her song “but rather [her] ex.” Finally, she is more thankful to Frida than angry. Furthermore, the video echoes the song perfectly “in showing how Frida is really pointing out that someone who is ready and willing to cheat will do so.”

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