June 1, 2021

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Elliot Lee is a New York based singer, songwriter and multi-dimensional artist. Musically, Elliot combines thrash rock with alt pop, electronic and even hip-hop for a gritty and bold sound unlike another.

The artist’s latest single and accompanying visual for “Drama Queen” is an important statement about how materialism as a coping mechanism can lead to destruction. Elliot Lee confides, “Everyone finds ways to synthesize happiness, be it through substances or other means, and for a lot of people it’s easy to get caught up in the dopamine rush that material possessions bring us. We build walls around us using these coping mechanisms in an attempt to guard ourselves from darkness, but who are we when the wall crumbles?”

In the intense visuals, Elliot Lee plays a queen whose own ruin is self-made when the corruption of wanting more takes over. Sonically, “Drama Queen” features unabashedly assertive vocals and raw electrifying beats culminating into an otherworldly chorus. The single is off of Elliot Lee’s highly anticipated upcoming EP, set for release later this summer.

Elliot Lee continues to push boundaries with thought-provoking and innovative music. Watch “Drama Queen” now and remember what is important in life. Keep up with Elliot on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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