June 2, 2021

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You may recognize Alondra Delgado from her standout role as Vanessa Montes on CW’s football drama All American, or maybe as Monica from FX’s hit show Mayans M.C. Regardless, the Puerto Rico native is a staple in the film world and has been entertaining the masses for damn near her whole life. As a little girl, she fondly remembers watching telenovelas and telling her mom she wanted to be in them… and now she’s living out those dreams to the fullest.

Alondra is a fighter, someone who fights for what she wants. Injecting passion and independence in all she does, she states, “I’m happy and I feel free [on set]. I love it. That’s where I belong, doing what I love.”

Beyond her acting accolades, Alondra has proudly stepped into her role as a writer and producer, as evidenced in her first film titled A Will to Love which follows two groups of both men and women who end up discovering their father had two separate families. She also stars in the film as Veronica, showcasing her talents and ability to switch between positions in front of the camera lens and behind.

Flaunt caught up with Alondra Delgado via FaceTime to discuss her Puerto Rican roots, biggest influences, her first big break, being a fan of All American prior to landing a role on it, writing and acting in her own film Bygone, taking home a Best Actress award, her upcoming film Safe House, what she likes to do for fun, her goals for the future, and more!


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, what was a young Alondra Delgado like?

In Puerto Rico, I was surrounded by a bunch of family and friends. Playing outside in the streets barefoot, it’s something that people don’t do here. I started acting when I was very little, so it was normal and a fun thing to do growing up.

Who were your biggest influences coming up?

When I was young, I used to love telenovelas, so definitely a lot of Mexican actors and telenovelas. I used to love and still love Eva Longoria, because she’s a Latina who’s very big in the industry. She does everything: she acts, she produces, she directs. She inspires me a lot.

You started acting at age 4, do you remember your first big break?

When I was 4, I started doing theatre. I remember practicing, we got to do Monsters, Inc. and I was Boo when I was little. I remember parts of that, but I totally remember when I did my first feature film when I was 7 years old and the  experience of being on set for the first time. It was perfect, that’s what changed everything.

How did you land the role of All American?

I was a huge fan of the show before auditioning. I watched Season 1 and Season 2. When Season 2 finished, I said “oh my god, I can’t wait for Season 3.” Back in September, I received an email saying I was going to audition for the show. It was the audition I felt the most pressure for. It was self-taped and it was great. Doing the self-tape, I knew that my character was talking to Asher and I knew who Asher was because I’d been following the show. It was nice because I knew the characters, but I was definitely very very nervous for it.

What were you nervous about?

I really wanted the role. My first day on set, I was nervous to see everyone. Obviously I wanted to do good, but I was nervous because I came in as a fan too. I loved all of them even before getting to know them.

Fondest memories on set?

Just being on the set. Behind-the-scenes, chillin’, talking, and playing games, because it can be long hours waiting for the camera. Getting to know everyone and playing silly games was very fun honestly.

How does it feel going from acting to writing and producing?

It’s great because from every side, whether it’s writing or directing, you see a different point of view. When you write then you go on to acting, it’s more meaningful because you see the process. You see the struggle and the work that you go through. Being the actor then seeing it on screen, it’s more meaningful. You get to appreciate the whole process of filmmaking itself.

How was your experience writing and acting in A Will to Love?

A Will to Love is the first film I co-wrote. I did Bygone, that’s the actual one I wrote by myself, produced, and acted on. It got submitted into a lot of festivals and was accepted. I won Best Actress at one of them so it was very exciting. It was my baby, I came up with the idea. I wrote everything so it was beautiful to see it come to life, to see what the story could mean to everyone. It was definitely a very nice process that I want to continue doing, telling stories that need to be told.

How’d it feel to win Best Actress at the Austin Micro Short Film Festival?

It was crazy when I saw I was nominated, because this was my first project that I wrote and produced. There were a lot of other movies submitted, and I thought “okay that’s pretty cool.” I was excited that I was nominated, but I never thought that I was going to win. When I did, I thought “oh my god!” I flew to Texas right away and I was all excited. I felt like it was an Oscar.

What is it you want fans to get from your story?

I always say that anything is possible. I came from a tiny island with big dreams. It wasn’t easy and it’s still not easy. I want people to know if they have a passion or a dream, to just go for it. If you really do work hard for it, it’s not a dream coming true. Your goals are just becoming a reality.

How would you describe your role as Monica on FX’s Mayans M.C.?

It’s a spin off of Sons of Anarchy, so there’s a lot of action. I first started the role as Monica as a co-star, she was a young rebel. Season 3, it turned into a guest star and I got the name Monica. She’s a young kid who’s been forced to grow up very, very quickly. It’s totally different than other characters I’ve been playing because she gets to carry a gun and be all tough. It’s definitely fun because it’s something we only get to do if we’re acting…it’s very cool.

What can we expect from your lead role in the upcoming film, Safe House?

I’m excited because people are going to get to see me in a whole different area. Carla’s very independent and a strong woman, she’s the one who carries the movie and shows empathy with everyone. It’s an action film so I get to run and get dirty and bloody. It’s very exciting. You don’t see me all glammed up and pretty, you see me running. That’s something I’m very excited for.

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to write a lot, that’s something that balances me. I watch TV and go to the movies. Right now movie theaters are starting to open back up, but before COVID-19 I used to go every single week. That’s something I love doing. I recently got a new puppy so I’ve been playing with him a lot, taking care of him and my cat.

What’s your pup’s name?

His name is Cash and my cat is Gypsy.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I always say I’m in between very swaggy and fancy. I love to mix those up: be all pretty then wear Jordan’s. Those are my two go-tos all the time.

What goals do you have as an artist at this point of your career?

I definitely want to star in my own show soon, that’s something that I’m hoping for. I’m auditioning so hopefully something will come. I’d definitely like to write more so I can tell stories, mix in my culture and Puerto Rico where I come from.

What does it mean to be Puerto Rican in this industry?

There’s not a lot of Puerto Ricans so I definitely want people to know more of the culture and who we are. It’s exciting. Everytime I audition for or get a role, I always say I’m Puerto Rican. Puerto Ricans are always very prideful of who we are, so it means a lot.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Go after your dreams. Sometimes we think “oh yeah, this is my dream and it’s going to happen,” but no one’s going to come knock on your door and say “hey, here’s the role you want.” Fight hard for it, whatever passion you have. Because it’s possible.

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