June 4, 2021

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Dresage continues to perfect her craft in the studio, and she has no plans of slowing down. The brainchild of Keeley Bumford, Dresage arrives with her own version of indie art pop, with the goal of empowering women all over the world to follow their vision and do whatever it takes to get there.

Today, Dresage returns with her newest project titled Terror Nights / Terror Days, a 6-track body of work that she describes as “the cat and mouse game she continues to play with her sanity.” Writing songs is her form of therapy, what she calls “melodic journaling.” Through singing and sculpting production, she’s able to get herself out of mania and back to strength, stability, acceptance. The EP title comes from the song “Wedding Day,” letting fans know they’re not the only one experiencing these feelings of chaos in the world right now.

Dresage states, “I want listeners to relate to these lyrics and emotions, especially women who have been told by society they’re too much or too little. I’m here to say we belong in any damn space we want to be and I know it, because I wouldn’t have finished this project if I didn’t push through my own doubts and claim it for myself. I’m not one to write sugary songs for summer without depth, sorry. [laughs]”

Listen to Terror Nights / Terror Days above and remember, this too shall pass!

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