June 18, 2021

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NYC-based music duo BriGuel release a latest hit, the captivating single titled “Sweet Relief.” BriGuel skyrocketed in popularity among music fans thanks to their consistency, ever-evolving creativity, and in-tune-with-their-times lyrical vision. By merging elements of dream pop, rap, electro, and R&B, the artist-couple imagine the ideal soundscapes for them to organically layer over their conscious lyrics, often stemming from their own life experiences and coming from a deeper place of the soul.

This time, Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern have once again displayed their special alchemy with a record that fascinates both with the message and chill-out vibes it distills.

BriGuel explains, “‘Sweet Relief’ was inspired by the novel year we’ve all experienced which forced us to be with ourselves, to be alone. With the hum of buzzing external life brought to a standstill and the inability to go outside and be with family and friends, we instead had to face ourselves, go within, and be alone.”

“Sweet Relief” honors this experience and acknowledges the simultaneous vulnerability and beauty in it: it isn’t the same, being alone and being lonely. While this year was challenging, anytime we face ourselves is challenging! Yet there’s so much opportunity and possibility in these moments. To find peace and ease—“Sweet Relief”—through these challenges, through being alone, is the lesson. The gift.

One of life’s greatest paradoxes is the idea we’re always alone, and always connected to others.  The more we can let it be, the sweeter the relief. They add, “We wanted to reflect this perspective musically, and have the chill, almost melancholy vibe of the verses combined with the bouncy, dance vibes of the choruses, reflecting the entirety of our shared complex human experience. Ultimately, ‘Sweet Relief’ is about navigating this beautiful, complicated journey called life, knowing that no matter the circumstances, we always have the ability to let it be.”

With every word weighted and meticulously placed, BriGuel showcase their innate connection with poetry, and Brianne Berkson’s heavenly voice instantly moves the soul, with her smooth and lush contemporary R&B vocals.

“Sweet Relief” follows-up to their previously released single and music video, “It’s A Story,” in honor of Women’s History Month, sharing their own story about a girl and a boy both going through life transformations from darkness to light.

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