‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ Reels In Ryan Reynolds, Samuel Jackson & Morgan Freeman

June 20, 2021

Saturday, June 19th

Happy Saturday! Happy Juneteenth. It’s crazy that people have work off for this holiday, but it’s also super important to be educated on what the day stands for. Complex breaks it down nicely below. Anyways, I had a pretty productive day. Was writing and working when Chanel West Coast hit me that she was bbqing and having people over. Our episode of Shirley’s Temple just released! I absolutely adore her, she has nothing but good energy. And her laugh is iconic. I left from there to go to 2 hours of yoga at Core Power Yoga in Pasadena. When I tell you I’m so happy CPY is back… hot yoga literally saved my mental health.


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Had about 10 minutes to shower before I head out to the movies. Shout out to my babygirl Val!! We hit the 9:45pm showing at AMC Burbank Town Center 6 to see’ The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Literally just came to this location to see A Quiet Place Part II, which was so good! I swear I live for movie nights, even if the movie sucks lmao. It’s my escape from the world, similar to yoga. Once the movie ends, ughhhh back to reality.

IMDB plot: The bodyguard Michael Bryce continues his friendship with assassin Darius Kincaid as they try to save Darius’ wife Sonia.

Sooooo there wasn’t that great of a selection of movies out, but this film has ALL the big names. The cast consists of Ryan ReynoldsSamuel L. JacksonSalma Hayek, Antonio Banderas… freaking Morgan Freeman! Legendary. This is definitely a comedy with a lot of action. A lot of stunt doubles and CGI screens. It got like 20% on Rotton Tomatoes on one side (smh lmao), but the other side was 80%. Definitely a mindless movie to catch if you’re looking to be temporarily entertained, but nothing that deserves an Oscar. Ryan Reynolds basically plays his character from Deadpool, just cracking mad jokes.

The movie is an hour 39 minutes, so definitely doable. I’d definitely recommend Gully instead. Read about that film here, interviewed the writer Marcus Guillory! This one really struck a chord with me. Sometimes I really just need something real vs. fiction. Beyond that, just reminding myself to be kind, be present, and never take any day for granted. Love you all! <3

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