June 21, 2021

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If you’re not familiar with Eric Zayne, prepare to fall in love. The Congo-bred, Montreal-raised recording artist has been enthralled by music since he can remember, hearing music in his head inspired by everything from water faucets to people honking their horns. The multi-instrumentalist is a true artist, playing the guitar and keyboards with the ability to sing, produce (H.E.R., Cee Lo Green, Dallas Austin, Jordan Sparks ect.), and engineer.

Following the release of his previous single “Coming Undone,” which received a standout cosign from The Rock, Zayne returns with his newest effort titled “Reckless.” The lyrics are inspired by real-life experiences of Eric finding his way through the music industry and his current residence in Los Angeles.

He states, “‘Reckless’ is my Odyssey as a musician in Hollywood. Living your dreams in Hollywood has its ups and downs, it’s exciting but can take over you until you forget where you came from. It’s easy to get distracted and lost in self-destruction. If Odysseus listened to the sirens, he would’ve crashed on the rocks, like many before him.”

For Zayne, his goal is to leave a great legacy behind. “Reckless” is the perfect expression of his personal journey and struggles as an artist. Zayne adds, “I want fans to get that this is real for me. I’m fighting everyday against the multitude of forces pulling in every direction to make sure I can achieve what I was meant to do in this world.”

“Reckless” serves as the first of many records, with Zayne releasing one song a month for the remainder of the year.

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