June 24, 2021

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Stefan Pierre is here to prove he can create music, just as good as he can model. Hailing from the UK and sporting a sexy British accent that shines through his records, the rising star is ready to go full-fledged with his music career… and he’s not stopping until he gets to the top. Most notably known for his title as Mr. Tinder, Stefan is a boy-next-door, here to spread nothing but good vibes and positivity.

The British-born recording artist has been modeling for 13 years and counting, describing himself as “outgoing” and “quite big into fashion.” While most people may think models aren’t as clever, Stefan begs to differ. His undeniable love and interest in aviation has led him to flying his own planes, priding himself in being “an aviation enthusiast” who spends his spare time in the air any chance he can.

Fast forward to today after a long-awaited hiatus, Stefan explodes onto the scene with his newest single titled “Girls Go Mad,” produced by Cashino (ASOS,Boohoo) and Joel Edwards (Deepest Blue). Inspired by a toxic relationship, the new release speaks volumes to what he aims to bring to the UK garage and commercial pop scene, boasting raw, authentic lyrics inspired by real-life experiences.

Flaunt caught up with Stefan virtually, who was posted in Canary Wharf, London thrilled about the good weather at the moment. Read below as we discuss his roots in London, biggest influence, how he became Mr. Tinder, inspo behind “Girls Go Mad,” forthcoming house track, TV appearances on MTV’s EX On The Beach and Just Tattoo Of U, love for flying, his fashion sense, and more!

Stefan Pierre with itsjoeledwards and Cashin0 shot by Ross Perkins (MUSE)

What was it like growing up in London?

I was born in South East London, which was quite cool. Raised by a single mom, went to school. Was quite popular at school. It’s a fast-paced place, and I met some good people. That’s all really. [chuckles] It’s just London. It’s a fast, crazy place as you can imagine.

Biggest influences coming up? 

I’ve always been a big fan of Justin Bieber to be honest. I remember when he was 16 and he made that song called “Baby,” everyone was dissing it but I saw potential. He’s super talented. I love the fact that he’s trendy, stylish, and very talented. He can play the guitar, sing, I could totally tell. As far as his journey, I think he’s amazing. He’s held his head down pretty well to be honest.

When did you realize you could do music for a living?

Not too long ago actually. I was at an event, I was modeling for a new brand. I met some producer that made the song for the video I was in. We got to talking at the launch event, I said to him “look, I want to do music. I grew up with people that do music.” I gave him some of my ideas, he said “okay cool.” Two weeks later, he called me up and said, “Are you free?” So I went to the studio, and he guided me through. That was it. 2 years ago in 2018, I realized I loved it.

And that’s what happened? 

That’s literally what happened, yeah. I got an accolade for being the most swiped male on Tinder in 2017. I thought, “how do I modify this name?” So I wanted to make a song about Tinder. I expressed to him I wanted to make a song about Tinder, and he made it happen really. The rest is history.

How did Mr. Tinder come about?

I was in Ireland in 2016, doing some work. I got an email from Tinder saying I was one of the most fancied people on Tinder, there’s 30 of us. I thought it was some sort of practical joke. They asked me if I was free for a Zoom call at the time. I went on to Zoom, I saw the Tinder lanyard in the background like “Oh my gosh, this is real!” We had a small chat, I had to do some background checks. They flew me back to London about 3 weeks later. I had a massive shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, I’d done another interview with a journalist. I flew back to Ireland and a month later, it just exploded. It was absolutely everywhere. It was crazy, an actual movie.

“Girls Go Mad” out now. How are you feeling? 

“Girls Go Mad” is a very catchy garage tune. I know garage is quite niche, but I find it fits in my demographic. I wanted to start off with a good garage song, but I want to move on to more house and commercial pop. I felt the garage genre is a bit more personal. The song name “Girls Go Mad,” relates so much to me, honestly I’ve encountered a lot of mad girls in my life. The song’s quite deep, but factual at the time.

I know it was inspired by a toxic relationship…

Yeah, I’ve been there. I’ve had quite a few of those. That song projects my experience and some of the bad times, but I made it in a fun way.

How is music a coping mechanism for you? 

I love being in the studio, going through the memories I had. It releases a part of me that I never was able to release, people listen to it and have positive feedback. I was always a big fan of music growing up to be honest, but there were always a few songs that really caught me. I couldn’t understand what it was and it was definitely the beat, so I made sure this song has a very catchy beat. Most people hear it, they automatically start nodding their head or dancing and the words are quite commercial and relatable.

Can we expect a music video for the song?

Because it’s my first proper song, I wanted to see how it’d do organically. We have got interest from some major labels as well, I just wanted to see the traction on it. To be honest with you, the organic traction I have at the minute is not bad. We’ve got people replaying the songs, which is quite nice. We’ve got a few people that wanted to invest into it, but I didn’t want to say “yes, invest,” because I wasn’t sure on the track. This is a test to see how it was going. The next song, I’m definitely going to have a video. It’s going to be a big production, we’re working on the next song now.

3 things you need in the studio at all times? 

I need to be in a good mindspace, for sure. It always helps my managers there because he’s very musically-trained and he mentors me. He mentors me really well. The third one is good spirit really.

How’s your acting career? You did EX on the Beach and Just Tattoo Of U on MTV.

For me, being a professional model for 13 to 14 years, my face is quite recognizable, which is quite nice. I go to a small town where people recognize me, that wouldn’t even know my name. Entering the TV world put me onto a platform where I could monetize it. People recognize me, they feel my vibes. When people see you in a picture, it’s quite static. But when people see you on TV, they get to express and know your personality, which helps a lot with music. It helped me really have a good fanbase.

Talk about your love for flying, that’s awesome.

I want to say at the age of 13, my sister bought me a trial experience flight for my birthday. I’ve always been interested in planes. I used to point planes out to my mom. My sister wrote to Richard Branson, got me an autobiography signed saying “I want to be a pilot.” He signed it and said “yeah, keep living your dreams.” Then I joined Cadets, that’s a big milestone in my life because I was doing air experience flights, learning about aviation. I had scholarships. I didn’t really have a good job that I could afford to do after Cadets, so it took me 10 years to put all my beans and energy into it. Here we are now!

What’s the process of becoming a pilot? 

So I don’t want to be a commercial pilot, there’s a big end goal. Do you know that show called Carpool Karaoke? Basically, this guy interviews A-list celebrities. You’re in a car, it gets into a scene while interviewing them and driving around. I want to do a flying version of that. It’s going to be absolutely sick.

That’s a great idea, wow. 

Thank you. I’d love to bring Justin Bieber up there, he’s my first victim.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

My fashion sense changes. Some days, I’m quite bland. I wear all black, but it’s fitted stuff. I always have very loud trainers on, but very black. Sometimes, I’d wear a really stylish jacket. I think quite a lot of people buy into my fashion sense to be honest. Being a model, I see trends before they happen. I’m always 6 months ahead of the game.

What can we expect next from you music-wise?

Next one is going to be a house track. Literally, it’s so sick. It’s going to have real good vibes. It’s really summery, commercial. I love “Girls Go Mad” but a lot more people relate to house music. The next one’s going to be an absolute banger, it’s going to do really well.

Talk about going the house route. 

To be honest growing up, I wasn’t really into house. I got into the house scene after being with some mates I met in Malia. They were really into the house scene and I started going into that rave scene and yeah I started falling in love with house. I didn’t think it’d be a good idea to start with house music because that’s not where I come from. That’s why I started this garage scene, because that’s how I grew up. I want to get to some more house commercial, the super clubs and stuff like that. The next song is really good for TV and commercials, it’s very much a commercial house song. It’s not deep house, it’s very summery, positive, good energy vibes just like myself. 

Any goals for yourself? I know you’re new to this music space.

In 2016, I was on stage with Kanye West at the Brits. I was hired as a model and I was on stage with a few big artists like Skepta. We’re dancing around, I was just there. I was in a screen room with Kim Kardashian. One day, I can imagine myself being on a super stage with 20K to 30K people there. I’d love that!

Anything else you want to let us know? 

I own a company called Stefcan, which is a digital marketing agency. It’s quite cool, it’s my spinal bone. In modeling, it’s not a very stable job. Some months you might do well, some months you don’t, but having my agency really gives you stability. I worked front of house and back of house so I have really good relationships with brands. That’s what makes my agency do really well.

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