June 25, 2021

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Montreal artist Erockfor (pronounced eh-ROCK-for) has just released her latest single “I Don’t Want You Back,” premiered exclusively today on Flaunt. In the record, the rising star delivers a very clear message to her ex as she says herself in the description of her music: “Play this when your ex calls you wanting to get back together. Some things should remain in the past”.

To write this song, the singer, songwriter, actress and poet was inspired by her own experience, when one day she came home and caught her husband with another woman. An episode that prompted her to leave her hometown of Montreal for South Korea, as she fled her abusive and adulterous marriage seven years ago.

The singer explains that “this song is the next step in my evolution, so to speak. I realized I deserved better and wanted to look ahead without taking steps back. I sing, ‘once I’m gone, I’m past tense’ as my commitment to moving forward. I’m hoping that it becomes a summer anthem.”

“I Don’t Want You Back” is the second single from her upcoming debut album Phoenix, which is due in October. The album, which features her previous single “’I Thought You Loved Me” written about her experience of betrayal 7 years ago, will deal with the events that led her to Korea and her journey back home to Montreal.

Her very special voice, which has even earned her the privilege of being compared to some of the greatest singers such as Cyndi Lauper, Macy Gray, and Amy Winehouse, blends very well with these melodies and makes the stories she tells even more touching. In order to keep us waiting for the release of her long-awaited album, the Canadian singer, burlesque artist, actress and published poet of Cameroonian origin will release one single per month until October this year.


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