June 29, 2021

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Whymen Grindin is no stranger to the industry. For several years, the rapper and producer has focused his efforts on club promotions and hosting open mic nights for up-and-coming artists. His most notable and longest-running open mic night, hosted at Magic City, has helped artists like Future, Migos, and 2 Chainz get their big break.

Born in San Francisco, Whymen began his musical journey when he moved to Atlanta for college. After college, he was able to let his creativity and talent flourish. Before becoming a major club promotor, Whymen was producing demos for Atlanta-based artists, where he caught the eye of the legendary Jermaine Dupri. Building that connection opened the door for Whymen to spend the next 10 years collaborating and producing on many Gold and Platinum projects.

After spending his career producing and promoting other artists, Whymen Grindin now focuses his sights on his first love: creating his own music. Now, he’s coming out showing us precisely what he can do. His collaboration with Chris Voice from Hamilton Park on their newest EP, Blue Moon, is a treat for the ears.

The Blue Moon EP, produced entirely by Whymen, comes at you with guest appearances from Rap and R&B powerhouses like Yung Joc, Natasha Mosley, Kwony Cash, and Mika Means. With 6 songs, Whymen and Voice show how talented they are by giving us a different sound with each song. “Body Roll” featuring Yung Joc has gained popularity with its contagious beat and seductive lyrics, taking to the bedroom and making you feel sexy and sultry. The cleverly written lyrics make it something everyone wants to sing along to, deemed this generation’s version of Pretty Ricky’s “Grind with Me.”

Whymen and Voice also released the video for “Cookies in the Woods,” which takes us from the bedroom to the party. The record boasts a contagious beat and catchy lyrics that make you want to call up the crew and start partying early, making it the R&B party anthem for 2021.

It’s only a matter of time before Whymen Grindin is a name heard around town. After years of honing his craft, he’s decided it’s his time to shine. His collaboration with Chris Voice on the Blue Moon EP is just the start of an explosive career.

Check out Whymen Grindin’s website for all of his latest music and booking information!

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