‘Zola’ Is One Of The Most Entertaining Movies I’ve Seen All Year!

July 7, 2021

Tuesday, July 6th

Hello world!! I feel so refreshed from this weekend. Escaped to Santa Barbara & was off my phone with no computer... it felt soooo good to disconect. Crying because I wanted it to last longer. It’s crazy because I actually went to UCSB my first 2 years of college, drowned in alcohol. But our hotel was 5 minutes from campus & I got to drive by my old dorm & house on Sabado! Took shrooms & went on a hike to Inspiration Point. Went to yoga last night to sweat out the mushrooms… swore I could feel it seeping through my sweat lmao.

After a long ass day, which included sneaking in Runyon Canyon w/ my pup Slim, I was soooo excited to see Zola in theaters with my babygirl Val! I only found out about this film through word of mouth. Looked it up, saw it was only 90 minutes long & it’s about two dancers in Detroit and one long Twitter thread… sold. We hit the 8:45pm showing at AMC Burbank 16... thank God the movies are back!!! Speaking of Detroit, my interview w/ Sada Baby on Shirley’s Temple just went live! He posted our social clip on IG too, made my whole week!

Okay back to Zola, me and Val were wondering the whole time if this was based on a true story. Turns out, yup sure is! Zola is a real stripper, this Rolling Stone article explains it best. Apparently Zola tweeted the story in 148 tweets, and it’s NUTS. Literally this random white stripper brings Zola to Florida to “dance,” and ends up in this wild 48 hours with an insanely controlling pimp. The white girl ends up selling her body for money, etc etc. Makes me sad that things like this exist, the fact that women are really out here selling their bodies. That’s probably the biggest takeaway I got from it. Your body is your temple! Don’t take that lightly.

At the end of the day, this has to be the most entertaining movie I’ve seen in a minute… and makes it even better it’s inspired by real life events!  Zola is played by Taylour Paige who I definitely have a crush on now lmao. She’s actually from Inglewood! Riley Keough plays the white girl, she def plays the white hooker role very well. We literally left the movie theater SHOOK. It was a small theater & fairly filled up. The girls next to me were cracking up hysterically, as was I. Honestly such a fun date night with your girls or your significant other. I really want everyone to see this! Such a breath of fresh air with how heavy the world’s been plagued with real-life occurrences this past year.

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