July 8, 2021

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“I’m fresh off the motherf*cking boat,” Jake $ing announces proudly in his bold new #StopAsianHate anthem out today. Premiered exclusively on Flaunt, “Fresh Off the Boat” arrives as the song of the summer—in the wake of the pandemic era where violence and hate crimes against Asians have tragically increased.

Jake invites anyone who’s ever felt different, bullied, or ashamed of where they come from, to reclaim their own power, heritage, and unique identity. “This song is about representation, open-mindedness, and just being kind to each other; not being ashamed of where you’re from and not apologizing for being who you are. Everyone came from somewhere and everyone has a story. Our differences don’t need to divide us,” Jake exclaims.

Born in Shanghai, China, Jake $ing and his family moved to Temple City, California when he was only 3 years old. “They call people like me FOBs (fresh off the boat) because we were born overseas,” Jake explains. Despite studying after school while all the other kids went to play sports, Jake didn’t end up pursuing medicine or accounting as his immigrant parents had hoped. Instead, music was the one thing that clicked, and Jake found refuge incorporating his personal experiences into original songs.

Since then, Jake has teamed up with songwriter and producer Jorge Guillermo Lanzas (The Kooks) to release several well-crafted, chill, pop jams… and “Fresh Off the Boat” is no exception. Inspired by artists such as Rich Brian who challenge the status quo and “represent their people, without attacking anyone else,” the duo is back with their own kind of unity anthem.

Jake has a highly personal approach to songwriting and a way that he transcends barriers and genres. Jake reclaims his identity in this infectious bop, while still maintaining a tongue-in-cheek energy. In his new music video, you’ll find Jake and his Asian-American friends dancing in a tiny motor boat while the American flag waves in the wind. With choreography perfect for TikTok virality, this song positions itself as a song of the summer—and an important one at that.

“With this song, I hope to do for other Asians what Rich Brian did for me. It’s just about championing yourself. Feeling proud to be who you are despite all of the hate directed at Asians today.” Jake continues, “This song is for the kid who’s getting bullied at school, because his mom packed him last night’s dumplings for lunch that day. It’s for the waipuo (grandma) who’s being attacked in the streets for just wanting to do her morning tai chi in the park. It’s for anyone who’s ever felt like they needed to hide where they came from and change themselves to fit in or have been told that they’re not ‘real Americans.’”

Ultimately, Jake brings hope for a united and multicultural America where differences aren’t just tolerated but embraced. His favorite food is a cheeseburger, but he also likes wrapping dumplings with his mom. As Jake puts it, proudly, “I’m Asian, but I’m as American as it gets.”

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