July 15, 2021

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Rebelling against monogamy and reveling in autonomy, Dana and the Wolf are pushing the envelope in all the right ways. The pop duo and polyamorous couple are advocates for non-monogamy, openly discussing their own relationship on social media. The couple’s TikTok videos about their relationship have gotten some serious traction, and the music video for the duo’s latest single, “2 Lovers,” is sure to blow up.

Unafraid to reveal it all—from the drama and intrigue to the mundane daily realities—Dana and The Wolf share a snapshot of their relationship in the new music video, shot in their bedroom as Dana gets ready for a date with another guy. “Does love die when you’ve got more than one guy?”, Dana belts into a curling iron as she gets all glammed up for the date. Refreshingly candid and subtly sexy, the video accompanies the song perfectly and showcases what we love about Dana and the Wolf: their ability to be totally and completely honest… while still writing an absolute bop.

Refusing to conform to our society’s hyper-monogamous standards, Dana and the Wolf are blazing the trail for a new kind of modern love—one that is fueled on independence and autonomy. We were lucky enough to sit down with Dana and Daniel (AKA “The Wolf”) to hear more about their unique relationship and what’s in store for the band.

Photo Credit: Bryan Mederos

Can you give us the inspiration behind the video? What do you want the viewer to take away from this?

Dana: We wanted to let people in on some of the unique parts of being polyamorous. One part is getting ready for your date with one partner in front of the other. You’d think it’d be uncomfortable or rude, but it becomes normal. We feel little pangs of jealousy every once in a while, but mostly we feel happy for our partner, excited for them to get to go out, have fun, feel special even with someone else. The other aspect is getting to play different parts of your personality when you date more than one person. With one partner the dynamic works best when I’m my submissive girly side, so it makes me doubly happy that with the other lover I can play a stronger role.

You have been outspoken about your non-monogamy, what does “2 Lovers” mean to you as a platform for this message? 

Daniel: The song is about the struggles and arguments we had on the road to non-monogamy. We’re hoping people will see the benefits of being non-monogamous. There’s a stigma against it, as if it’s for non-commital, overly sexual people, but the truth is almost exactly the opposite. ENM or Polyamory is for the open-minded, secure, autonomous, and communicative people and the people who strive to be that. Most arguments we’ve gotten into with monogamous people end with them saying “well I’m just too insecure for that,” as if they’re proud to be.

What’s next for Dana and The Wolf? Will you be touring?

Daniel: We’d love to tour once the album comes out. The last 18 months have been the usual musicians-life roller coaster, pandemic or not. A part of my soul died with the pandemic. The part that believed humanity could overcome things together. “Hope” is a thing of the past now. Not because I’m more nihilistic, but more that I don’t know anymore. I’ll take solace in creativity.

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