July 16, 2021

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Sometimes, friendships turn to family… and The Academic wouldn’t have it any other way. Hailing from Ireland, the indie pop band is composed of Craig Fitzgerald, Dean Gavin, Matthew and Stephen Murtagh, all of whom are life-long friends. Already deemed hometown heroes back home, the guys continue to release feel-good music for their growing fanbase.

Touching on all musical genres from pop to rock to even disco, The Academic is here to bless audiences all around the world with meaningful music to make you dance and feel. To date, the guys have toured and opened for all the greats, from The Strokes to Catfish and the Bottlemen. Never taking life too seriously, The Academic is all about enjoying the simple things in life, such as creating music with your best friends.

Now, they return with their highly-anticipated new EP titled Community Spirit, following the success of last year’s Acting My Age EP. Flaunt caught up with the band virtually to discuss the creative process behind the new EP, the meaning behind the title, how this project serves as a coming of age story, the Irish music scene, and more!

This was the band’s first time producing your own music. What were the major differences between having someone else put their spin on your sound, versus doing everything internally?

Doing everything internally meant all the pressure was on us, which was stressful but also very rewarding! We didn’t have a proven producer with a track record to fall back on, so we were learning and experimenting as we went along. It was an incredible experience and we’re very proud of how everything turned out!

I heard that a few of the songs off of the EP were conceptualized years ago, but didn’t make sense to finish until recently. Why was that?

Funnily enough, it’s because they were too grounded and mature sounding for our first album. That stuff can happen a lot, it works the other way around too! Sometimes we’ll write something new, but it nearly feels too much like the vibe of the first album, so we just move on!

What does the EP title Community Spirit mean to the band?

It means a lot of things! It nicely captures the camaraderie and ethos of the recording process, bringing everything back to basics, coming home to the small villages we were raised in, being self-sufficient and producing the entire thing by ourselves.

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Most people think coming of age stories have to be about your teenage years. In what way is this EP a coming of age story for your adult life?

That’s a great question! It’s more of a reflection on your teenage years, and how your actions as a teenager can really affect your life well into your 20’s! It’s also based on the idea that coming of age doesn’t happen overnight. We know people pushing 30 who are still coming of age!

How has the Irish music scene inspired you as you have spread your global reach?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen Irish artists across all genres break out and establish themselves as truly international acts! There’s a really healthy scene at home at the moment, and it’s very hard not to find it inspiring. It also makes us want to push ourselves even further, to be the best version of The Academic possible.

What else does the band have coming up that you’re excited for?

The eventual return of live music is what we’re looking forward to more than anything! Our first show back will be Reading & Leeds. We couldn’t have hoped for a better show to welcome crowds back!

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