July 21, 2021

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BXB LOVE is your sweet girl next door, but she’s a powerhouse vocalist behind the mic. Hailing from Canada but now based in sunny Los Angeles, real name Natasha Pheko is a singer-songwriter who prides herself in her genre-bending sound and production, with lyrics inspired by real-life experiences we can all relate to. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, the rising star is here to represent women of color in the music industry, breaking down personal barriers while inviting listeners to do the same.

Now, BXB LOVE returns with her newest single “IGNORANCE SONG,” with a cinematic visual to match. Writing the song during a time in which she felt disconnected from the community and things she was creating—music, art, life, relationships, and herself—LOVE found herself floating about, unconsciously perpetuating all the things about her experience of life she disliked.

Speaking on the record, she states, “I’d attached myself so firmly to this idea of who I thought I was supposed to be and the life I was supposed to have, based on what I saw mirrored back at me from my external environment. I thought if I reached the pinnacle of that person and that life, I’d finally be happy. Finally be at peace, so I continuously made choices that aligned with that version of myself. A version that it turns out, I didn’t truly resonate with because it only acknowledged a very small piece of the giant puzzle that is me. I felt stuck in this box I had created for myself and was consequently self-destructing.”

Photo Credit: Sophie Gragg

The music video sees BXB LOVE living out her childhood rockstar fantasies: smashing shit, singing up the camera, riding in the back of a dope car with beautiful company, jumping into the sunset, guitar solos, and more. She states, “Come on, it was a blast! Let’s be real.”

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