July 22, 2021

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Pretty Awkward seem like a pretty great crowd to hang out with. In their latest single “Hangout,” the Seattle-based indie group flex their pop songwriting chops with one hook after another. The music video—which we’re premiering exclusively right here on Flaunt—accompanies the song perfectly. Filled with confetti, pool floats, weed munchies, and champagne pops, the video (produced by the band themselves and directed by Dylan Fout) is as blithe and entertaining as the song. We’re stoked to sit down with Austin and Nicholas from the band to chat about the new video and what’s in store for Pretty Awkward.

What’s the inspiration behind “Hangout” and the video? 

Austin Held: “Hangout” was written way before anyone knew that there’d be a global pandemic. Once we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it came to the lockdowns and social distancing, the song took on a whole new meaning. “Hangout” was intentionally written to be fun and light-hearted, painting a picture of these two people doing whatever they want but overall appreciating the time they spent together. Topped off with the message that we can be a little weird but as long as we know what we want and we stick together, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.

What do you want viewers to take away from the video? 

Austin Held: We really set out to create a fun video for everyone to watch. We wanted to keep the story and the relationship between our characters in the video a little ambiguous, just like the song and highlight what would be some special moments in their lives. I like to think the overall take away from the song/video is to enjoy the moment because there’s a lot of magic to be found in it.

How does this new music differ from your previous work?

Austin Held: The music we continue to release will show off the direction in which we intended for this project to go in the whole time. We’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing artists along the way to finding and defining our own awkward sound. Writing music has been a constant learning process fueled by happy accidents and hopefully that joy in finding those happy accidents is felt whenever someone spins our track.

I hear you have a new LP coming out soon, what can you tell your fans about the new LP? 

Nicholas Wiggins: We do have a new and our first LP coming out! We cann’t wait to share these songs with everyone! The LP is called GET WEIRD! It’s been a few years in the making for PRETTY AWKWARD. This all started as an idea of creating and writing songs with no limitations. We wanted to always be able to go into the studio and really write what naturally came out of us that moment. It’s been such a liberating feeling to have this freedom in our art. For sure the most honest work any of us have done on this musical journey. It’s a collection of songs that really gives a look into our world over the last few years and all our adventures with life. We really went deep inside ourselves as artists to pull our true selves out. We really put that on display with these songs!

What’s next for Pretty Awkward in the near future? 

Nicholas Wiggins: You’re going to see lots of touring. We’ve always loved traveling and playing new cities every night, meeting fans, and making new friends. It’ll be exciting to see this Awkward Family grow and connect with fans. Nothing better than getting in a room with a load of music loving people and just going crazy connecting with each other’s energy and flow. That’s where the magic happens and when we really feel alive!

Vibrant, joyous, and irresistibly catchy, “Hangout” is the perfect bop for summertime. Pop some champagne, kick back, and enjoy!

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