July 23, 2021

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Pretty Sister has spent years mastering his signature brand of West Coast funk through major collaborations like “Dynamite” with Nause and a stream of smash solo singles like “Come to L.A.” His music strikes a balance between sunny and sensual, personifying the city of Los Angeles with a consistently provocative blend.

Now, Pretty Sister is prepared to cash in on years of artistic evolution and reveal his long-awaited debut album, Catalina, premiered today exclusively on Flaunt. Featuring 14 interwoven tracks that find him at his most personal, the record is packed with groovy baselines and vintage synthesizers, all elevating his sound to new heights. The initial highlight of the project is “Bad Things,” a delicate ballad that propelled him to the finals of NBC’s Songland, but the uptempo R&B of “XXX” and intimate musings of “Never Gonna Be” are equally powerful.

Pretty Sister states, “Equally dark and mysterious as it is quaint and beautiful, Catalina represents the full spectrum of my experience through the lens of a 5 year on again off relationship. Equal parts joy and pain (and everything in between) I’ve spent the last 7+ years working on what would become my debut album. For the first time in my music, I took the opportunity to be honest in more than just sex and sexuality. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still an abundance of playful moments. But feelings of disappointment, regret, realization and ownership of my own bullshit played a huge part in the lyrical landscape and production of this record. Just as Catalina has two sides, this album is equal parts Pretty Sister and Zak the human being…”

With his most conceptual and detail-oriented music to date, Pretty Sister has truly hit his groove on Catalina.

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