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July 28, 2021

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Fatboy’s Instagram bio reads the “BIGGEST HEART,” and that’s exactly the energy he brings into all his endeavors. Refusing to be boxed into any one label, the rapper, actor, and entrepreneur exploded onto the scene with his hilarious skits, building his social media presence that now amounts to over 5.7 million followers on Instagram alone.

Hailing from New Jersey but now residing in sunny Los Angeles, Fatboy is a walking testimony that you can make it out the trenches, turning nothing into something and giving hope to the masses they can do the same. While most may know him from his comedic videos, his first and foremost passion is music… and he’s ready to take over the rap game once and for all.

Most recently, Fatboy released his most meaningful song to date called “Fly Away,” with a standout remix from Blueface coming in the near future. With the lyrics to the hooks stating, “All this monеy treat me differеnt, baddies treat me like I’m Hendrix. Cartier frames be my lensies, Black Beatle John Lennon,” Fatboy reveals his admiration for the Beatles and how classic they are — something he hopes to obtain as he builds his own legacy.

On the 1​6th episodeof Shirley’s Temple, I sat with Fatboy at Matrix Studios in Los Angeles to discuss his impulsive gambling, what it means to have his daughter, meeting his wife through Woah Vicky, starting his career just 5 years ago, being pescatarian for 70 months, the making of “Fly Away” and “More Than Friends,” why he’s the BIGGEST HEART, launching his own cannabis brand, overcoming struggles in the ghetto, and more!

Fatboy in the building! How are you feeling?

I’m good. I’m chillin’. I’m blessed. I’m a little down because I lost $50K at the casino, but I’ma get it back. The get back is real.

How often are you at the casino?

I go to that shit all the time; I love the casino. I’m an impulsive gambler.  I play roulette, I’m the king of roulette. Over a long-term span, I lost mad bread. I lost over $400K in gambling, but I won big too.

Do you win it back though? 

Yeah, I won it back. No cap, I won over $700K. Through a time span though, not one time. I’m cool though, I’m chillin’.

What was your reaction when you got that positive pregnancy test back? Makinze is a cutie!

I knew I could have kids, but I didn’t know it was going to come that fast. It all happened fast. When I seen it, I couldn’t believe it. I still got the picture on my phone. I called my moms, I called my dad. Damn! I didn’t cry or nothing though, I was on some shit like I gotta get money. I gotta get this chicken. Her pregnancy was long, she was mean as hell. She’s light-skin, so you know, redbone women. They have an attitude. In her first trimester, she was mean.

How did you and your wife Tiana meet? 

I met her on DM. I shot my shot. You know how I met her? Shout out to Woah Vicky. I don’t tell anybody this story. Woah Vicky had reposted my wife saying, “Pussy hoe could never,” shit that Woah Vicky be saying. I said, “who’s this?” Because I got a thing for light-skinned women. I like light-skinned women. Who’s this redbone meal right there? She ain’t a snack, she’s a whole entree. You know what, I’m tapping in. I sent the DM.

What did you say in the DM?

I said, ”Yo, I’m about to fly you out.” I told my people to book the ticket. At the time, I told my old manager, “book the ticket, get her out here.” She was in Cali, she’s from Moreno Valley. I was in Jersey. This was two years ago. We’ve been married for two years.

How did you know she’s the one?

I knew it because when you know something, you know it. I know I’m right, but sometimes I might be wrong… but I know I’m right. So I was right because when she came into my life, it was a little pleasant eagle. A little pleasant, mean eagle.

What’s the significance in the eagle?

She flew into my life: an angel, a dove. I was in love, I’m still in love. She put good spirits into my life. She gave me my daughter. I love my daughter. When I look at my daughter, I get very emotional. Real talk, I be crying. I’m serious. Sometimes I tear up because I beat a lot of shit in my life. A lot of obstacles, a lot of odds. When I look at my daughter and know what type of world she has to come into, it’s hard for me. I never want her to want for nothing, so when I look at her, I cry. I ball up emotionally.

It hurts, but it’s tears of joy. I be on an emotional roller coaster. I never thought nobody could get me like this, but my daughter got me like this. Not gon’ lie, certain situations when I know how I am, I be pussy. I’m a keep it 100. I’m not gonna sugarcoat, I’m not trying to be cool for nobody. Certain situations I’m placed in sometimes with negative shit, I pussy out because I got my daughter. I gotta focus. If these n*ggas trick me out my spot, do something to them, I’ma be fucked up. She’s gonna grow up without a father: fatherless, mentally fucked up. So I try to stay away from negativity and be positive.

A huge part of this show is mental health. How’s your mental health from when you started to where you’re at now?

I started this shit when I was 22 in 2016; I’m 27. Only 5 years. Before that, I was in the hood. I was on the block, in the streets.

You said the incense reminded you of the hood earlier.

No cap! Anybody from New Jersey, they fuck with incense. We buy them shits at the corner store on the block. We bought a pack for $5. The Muslim homies be having them on the stands in Irvington. We grew up on incense, that’s it.

My mental health then, it was so new because a lot of shit was happening to me I wasn’t expecting. It was moving rapidly. I’ve never been the type of person to take this shit for granted,  take what I’m doing and shit on somebody, or be down or sad. I’ve always been the type of person: if shit falls, you gotta pick it back up. If you fall, you gotta pick it back up. I’ve never been a downer type dude. I’ma get it. If I lose, I’m still gonna win. That doesn’t matter, that’s how I am inside of my heart. My mental health is cool.

At 22, what was that turning point that made you go hard with this?

When I came home from jail. I was locked up for some bud, some weed shit. I went to jail for half a month to a month. It was cool because I’m respected. I fuck with people. I don’t bother nobody; I show respect. That’s all you owe to a man or woman, respect. I show love and respect, so I’m cool. I’m tied in. When I went in, my funny videos were going crazy. Going viral. When I was in jail, I said, “make sure you check out my Instagram, no cap.” When I went in, I had 8K followers. When I came out, I had hit 10K. That was back in 2016.


What video was it that put you on? 

The one when they smacked the burger out my hand, that one really took off. I was doing so much shit. I was young, wild, and dumb. I was fucking with people, but it’s all about growth. I’m about to be 30. My mental health changed, my shit different. I’m a businessman.

What made you go so hard?

I seen my moms because she worked at the post office. She got a good job, but I knew in my mind, I’m really a hustler. In 6th grade, I used to sell candy. I’m a hustler, so all this shit going down, I gotta reverse this shit into some bread in my pocket. I’m broke as fuck, I don’t got no damn money. I went hard thinking I gotta go hard for the family. I gotta go hard for myself to one day have my house with the pool in it. You gotta be consistent. You gotta keep that shit gangster when you coming up because it’s a lot of fake love.

How do you deal? There’s a lot of bullshit in the industry.

I charge it to the game, I don’t let that shit affect me. I don’t say, “yo, fuck you!” I keep moving, I keep going. It’s a lot of shady motherfuckers in this world. You gotta understand there’s something about these motherfuckers. Celebrities, they’ve never been cool. They’re like cops. When cops want to abuse their authority, they’ve never been cool. I’ve always been cool. I’ve always been popular in high school. N*ggas knew me, everybody knew me. Where I was from, I was popular. My name in the streets is Booby. Go ask about me in the streets, no cap!

Why Booby? 

Because that’s what my brother named me. Everybody called me that where I’m from, I was popular already, so it wasn’t nothing for me. It’s a new outlook on life because now, people want to take pictures.

Do you like that? 

Yeah, I love it. I love the people, because that’s what makes us who we are. I love them. You gotta understand about these n*ggas they weren’t cool back in the day. They was little nerds. I’m not saying nothing’s wrong with nerds or geeks. Now when they feel as though they on their high horse, they standing on the couches, they feel like they can say, “Shut the fuck up! You move over there!” That’s when they could post up, but they weren’t doing that shit back when they’re in high school.

Who you talking about Fatboy?

Anybody who’s feeling they can overpower somebody. We shit, piss, bleed the same way. We gotta treat people with respect. I don’t care if they’re littler than you, their tax bracket is lower than yours. Don’t let nobody disrespect you right or invade your personal space. I treat people with respect and love. I don’t care about no money, how much money you got, or who you are. I don’t care bro. This world, you gotta understand this shit’s crazy. You gotta show love and be blessed. You get more blessings when you show love.

When did you pick up the nickname Biggest Heart?

Biggest Heart because I’ve been that. I’ve been the BiggestHeart because I’ve been giving. I’ve always been giving. Some n*ggas was taking my shit for granted, I had to cut them off. They’re not with me anymore. Fuck them, that’s how I feel. I’ve always been giving. To anybody that says I wasn’t, they know they’re lying. The Biggest Heart comes from me giving, being real, being happy, just spreading the love.

What does TMG stand for? 

Timeless Music Group, that’s the gang. That’s my block, that’s where I’m from. We working man, I don’t really be fuck with nobody but them. I fuck with other people, but I’m talking about my team, who I am with on a daily basis. Even if I go a month without seeing them, that’s home team. I got my own shit: Fatboy Gang, Lungsmacker!

How many business calls do you get in a day? 

A lot, I be trying to work. Ante this shit up and get this bread, you know? You got to, that’s the only way you’ll survive. You get this money.

How lucrative is the cannabis business for you?

When I hopped in the cannabis business, I love it. I was watching n*ggas like Berner, my boy LB. I watch n*ggas like them and visualize. I was selling bud back in the day on some recreational shit, but then I took that shit serious. One day, I had pulled up on Desto Dubb. That’s my mans, he’s cool as shit. He said, “Yo Fat, fuck with the weed. Make your own bag.” I said, “I don’t know. You got somebody who makes them?” He gave me the plug, the dude who makes the bags. No cap, shoutout to my dog Desto. I called the bag dude, I told him the design I wanted. I had this girl in Houston make me a design, that’s when LungSmacker started.

How many chains you got around your neck? 

I got 2 or 3. Something light, I got more at the crib. I’m coolin’. This is Young Fats, that’s what I be calling myself sometimes. Young Fats, $60K Fats, $100K Fats. I be having little alter egos here and there, my steelo.

What alter ego were you on when you created “Fly Away”? That’s a bop.

I was Tyriq, that’s my name. That studio session was crazy. We did that at EMPIRE studios in San Fran. That was a vibe right there. I had a week block session, we recorded that shit. My wife was in the studio, she helped me. Everybody took a place in that shit.

What had you feeling like John Lennon from the Beatles? 

No cap, I love The Beatles! I used to watch them. I like how classic they are, how timeless they are. I always listened to that song with Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. I love that song, that’s my favorite song. The Beatles are so timeless, so classic. I like how John Lennon is so iconic. Not saying I want to be like them, but I want to be iconic. They’re iconic, I like that shit. I want to be classic because they’re talked about now, talked about in the 90s, talked about in the 2000s, in 2020s. They’re going to be talked about in the 30s, they’re so classic. I want to be classic.

Speaking of a classic, love your song “More than Friends.” What made you sample Freddie Scott’s “(You) Got What I Need”?

I was looking at my wife, I was telling her, “we more than friends.” I remember they did the “you say he’s just a friend, oh baby!” That’s why I said, “you know we more than friends, oh baby you!” We’re more than friends. Bought you that Benzo, that shit was a dub or two.

Which one? 

She got a C300, all black and nice. Something light. Slap her on the ass, go make me some dinner.

What does she cook for you?

My wife be cooking. I love her yams, yams are bomb. She makes mac and cheese. My wife could cook for real. Her salmon’s good. I’m a pescatarian, I’ve been a pescetarian for over 70 months. I don’t eat no meat, no chicken, no beef. I never ate pork. I’ve been on a real hiatus because in 2018, I got real big. I was 359, almost 400 pounds. I was still a pescetarian then, but I was doubling up on bread. I was eating rice a lot, doing weird shit because I’m on the road. I’m getting chicken. Beginning of 2019, I had to trickle down and really lose weight. I was losing 10 pounds slowly, then losing 20 pounds.

What did you do that helped? 

I stopped eating candy, sugar. I stopped eating rice, I don’t eat rice anymore. I don’t eat no chips or candy. I forgot how a Snickers tastes, I don’t eat Kit Kats. No chips, no candy. The most I eat is a Go Smart, the only place they have it at is 7/11. I don’t want to be bougie, but that’s what I like.

What else you got on your rider? 

A green tea with lemon and extra honey. That’s what I like.

Coming up in New Jersey, did you ever think you’d be here where you are today?

Hell no! That’s why I told you I look at my daughter because I beat a lot of odds. Coming up in the ghetto, coming up in the trenches, it’s rough. I got hit with a machete, I got shot at. This is the scar right here, by my VVS’s. I got sliced with a machete, and a n*gga hit me with a machete in my back.

How old were you? 

I was 17. At the end of the day, I beat a lot of shit. To be here is a blessing. I thank God, I thank everybody here. I thank you for having me on the show. This shit’s a blessing. I beat a lot of odds. I’m not saying I was the toughest n*gga or a killer, but there’s a lot of shit going on. I got sliced with a machete.

You got trauma from that? 

I got sliced with a machete. I got hit in my back with a machete, that shit hurt. I remember he hit me in the back, not sliced me but the other part. He hit me with the front part, I had to get staples in my hand. Man, I beat a lot of odds.

Anything that you’re working on that you want to plug?

I’m working on a lot of shit. I got my LungSmackers CBD with my Moonrock Delta 8. I’m working on a couple more businesses. Working on my music. I got my album dropping real soon, BIGGEST HEART VIBES. I got Fab on there, I got Juicy J. We got a record with Roddy Rich, but you know how the label shit goes. I ain’t trippin’, he’s doing his thing. God bless him. I got a record with Roddy Rich and Calboy on the same record. If I could get to drop that, that shit would be a blessing too. I don’t know who I’ma throw on the remix of “Fly Away.” I was talking to Kodak last night. Mavado wants to hop on it too, from Jamaica. He’s dope, a big artist in Jamaica. Keep pushing it, keep growing it.

Was it always music for you? 

Yeah, always music. I used the funny videos as a ploy to get in the spot. I love being humorous and making people smile, that’s me to the T. I don’t like to be on no down shit. On no bullshit, on no wack shit. I like to be cool, show love and make people smile. That’s what it’s all about, making people smile because we live in a fucked up universe. We live in a fucked up world where it’s dark. We just got out of presidency with Donald Trump. I don’t know him personally, but the decisions he did were fucked up. The shit he was doing to us was fucked up. At the end of the day, we come from a fucked up world, so we got to always spread love and positivity.

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