July 29, 2021

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Dime Racks has been continuously raising the bar for models and entrepreneurs. Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, Dime Racks’ childhood wasn’t ideal, enduring many forms of abuse as a child. In her younger years of life, she was in foster care and spent time in multiple group homes, expressing that not having any guidance from any responsible adults affected her as well.

Dime Racks first rose to fame worldwide last year using OnlyFans, a media app that gives fans exclusive footage of their favorite celebrities, vixens, musicians, and athletes. With already being a viral sensation on Facebook for years, Dime Racks decided to create a page which grew an audience of over 100K fans. The beautiful social media influencer was able to use her newfound fame, love for looking good, and being herself, converting it into a serious cash flow. She combined her ongoing personality, her natural flirtatiousness, and experience with the camera to carve a career on the subscription based app. The success led to Dime making her first million.

Shortly after, Dime released her first single “Stop Playin Wit Me,” a sexy fast paced club anthem introducing her musical side that she’d soon grow to love. Currently, Dime is gearing up to release 4 new singles this year, with the help of Love & Hip Hop’s Jaquae. 2 of the singles will be summer anthems, while the remaining 2 will be released at the top of fall. Her highly-anticipated EP is set to release fall 2022.

Since her new financial success, Dime Racks continuously works to separate herself from the stereotypes of models or influencers by investing her time volunteering at the homeless shelters in her town. Dime Racks also continues to push initiatives that will help the homeless population and has donated over $20K to homeless citizens, single-parent families, and children.

You’re originally from Charleston, South Carolina, but you now live in Miami Florida. How was life growing up there?

I felt like the whole world was against me and I had no one. I was in and out of foster homes since I was 4 years old. I was homeless and abused during that time. My city Charleston always hated me for as long as I can remember. Being from SC, there were so many rumors about me that touched headlines, I became very suicidal at one point.  People went as far as to make a fake GoFundMe account that went viral and said I made it. Currently, I’m still bashed in my city for everything I do. I could go on and on about my dislike for Charleston, but this interview would turn into a book.

How is the music scene in South Carolina?

The reason you don’t hear from Charleston, SC is because nobody wants to see others make it or do better than the next. The support is very little to none. Charleston, SC motivated me to prove everyone wrong about me. I’ve been in Miami for a year now and the support is unbelievable. I’ve never been booked this much in my life.

You’ve actually been doing music for a while and writing, but finally released “Stop Playin Wit Me” as your debut as an artist. What’s the inspiration behind that record?

Music gives you the opportunity to express yourself, how you feel, and what you’ve been through. I decided I wanted to share my pain and what I went through via my music. I express all my emotions, and I love to dance. I’m not talking about just twerking either, I took modern, jazz, and hip-hop classes growing up. This was an escape for me.

You became a millionaire last year. What’s one of the first things you brought to celebrate?

My first big purchase was on my Mercedes truck, it was $70k, my jewelry $55k, and I gave over $20K back to the homeless.

Recently, you launched a hair and clothing boutique called Dimez Pretty Boutique. How has the business been going for you so far?

I changed the name to Diamond Cute Boutique LLC, one of my biggest accomplishments will be when I open the actual store front. 

You plan to start up a community food truck, talk about that process.

I decided to do the food truck for the homeless because I wanted to create a platform for people to have food. I remember being in foster care without being able to eat sometimes. I want people to always know they have the opportunity to have a meal.

Last month, you went viral on the blogs as the woman exposing Trey Songz. What exactly is your current relationship with Trey and what’s the reasoning for apologizing publicly?

Trey and I have no bad blood, we’re friends. Originally, I posted my videos on Snapchat not thinking they would have ever got out. Someone took my videos fromSnapchat and posted them on social media. The Shaderoom and other blogs picked it up and everything was blown out of proportion. I never removed the videos, but I did publicly apologize in a video because Trey begged me to.

What are your goals for the remainder of 2021?

To make more millions and leave my mark with a possible impact for people to know never let anyone tell you what you can’t do.

Anything else our readers should know about you?

I want people to know that I’m a fighter. Whatever I want, I will have. I will always keep my head upon matter what throws at me or what people throw at me. Get to know me before disliking me off a rumor or lie.

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