August 16, 2021

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Johnny Quest The Rebel is here to bring back that feel-good hip-hop we all know and love, while sprinkling in modern day elements. Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey but now residing in Los Angeles, the introspective recording artist is all about achieving the impossible, doing whatever it takes to reach your dreams.

Now, Johnny returns to release his newest visual for “Neva Fold,” along with his new EP titled Money Dreamz. The 5-track project hails lead singles “Addicted 2 Money” and “Neva Fold,” aligned directly with Quest’s mission to FRYD, which stands for Follow Reach Your Dreams. Quest speaks for the young rebels all across the world, proving music has healing power no matter who you are.

Speaking on the project, Johnny states, “Increasing Value, Increasing Value, Increasing Value!!!! Through the past 2 years, I overstood that people will treat you how they value you. So Money Dreamz is a step-by-step instruction to increasing personal value. ‘Best of the Best’ is the initial belief that you are valuable and you deserve the best. ‘Addicted 2 Money’ is letting you know to put everything else aside and focus on what increases your value. ‘Gymnastics” is showing the growth and we 10x that. ‘B IV I Die’ is explaining the purpose and greater picture behind all the sacrifices that we take to improve ourselves.”

If you’re not willing to bet on yourself to make your dreams a reality, it will only be a dream. Listen to Money Dreamz and get inspired!

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