Kash Doll talks new music and making records for all types of women

August 23, 2021

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Female rappers taking over the music industry, and we’re here for every second of it. Insert Kash Doll. Hailing from Detroit, the rapper, entrepreneur, and actress has endless bars, impeccable wordplay, and one hell of a personality, exuding nothing but positive energy any chance she can.

Putting in the work necessary, Kash Doll worked multiple jobs before opening her own beauty bars to make enough money to invest in her own music career. It was in 2017 when Kash landed a standout feature on Big Sean and Metro Boomin’s “So Good” with things coming full circle as she landed a verse on Sean’s “Friday Night Cypher” from his most recent project Detroit 2.

With her newest release, “Thumbin,” Kash is heard talking her shit once again, flexing the money she’s worked her ass off for. This follows her previous release “Bad Azz.”

Beyond music, the star has been dipping her feet in the film world. She’s featured on Sweetie’s “Hoops” alongside Salt-N-Pepa from Space Jam: A New Legacy Soundtrack, and even acting in STARZ’s “Black Mafia Family” slated to air this fall.

REVOLT caught up with Kash Doll at her mixer with Republic Records at Pendry in West Hollywood. Read below as we discuss new music, the Detroit music scene, being the only woman on Big Sean’s “Friday Night Cypher,” being featured on the Space Jam soundtrack, and more!

How does it feel to be performing all your unreleased music?

Oh man, amazing! This evening was amazing, man! To be able to let everybody hear it and to perform it, see everybody else react to it. It worked out for the best. Matter of fact, let me put on my Rolex.

What occasion did you get the Rollie for?

I bought this for my first album because it was called Stacked. Remember, my cover art was gold and white, so I got the gold Presi with the white face. And it’s a 2019 Presidential, the new one. I got this one because I dropped my first album in 2019.

What are you excited for with “Like A Pro” featuring Juicy J coming out?

I’m excited for everything, I’m not going to lie. I’m not most excited for that, I’m excited for everything coming because I got so much stuff. It’s range. I’m ready for people to hear me sing. You see my softer side, I think people got the wrong idea of me. They think I’m so hardcore, arrogant, and full of myself, but I’m still a woman. I’m glad that shows that side.

You do be talking your shit though!

I mean it! But, I’m still a woman at the same time. For crying out loud, I’m still a woman (laughs).

I loved the song with Eric Bellinger and Wale. The energy with Eric was so genuine. I’m sure that studio session was just as lit.

Oh my God, it was. When I first went in and I was telling them what type of song I want to make; people don’t embrace being single. It’s like when you’re single, you’re failing. Like “Dang, I wish I was in a relationship.” I wanted to express that in a record that you can be single and happy. You don’t have to be single and bored, or single and desperate (laughs). Because people in relationships aren’t happy. Some people in relationships not happy, then you got people in relationships that are happy, so we wanted to express that in the record.

Was Wale in the session too?

Yeah, with a whole bunch of weed. A whole bunch of it, yeah I’m tellin’. It was funny to me because I’ve never been in a session with so much fuckin’ weed.

What’s your vibe in the studio?

I’m a natural vibe. I’m natural. I don’t really be smoking and drinking like that. If I do drink, I drink some champagne. That gets me going, a little hookah.

What flavor do you like?

Shit, I don’t even know (laughs). When I do hookah, it’s always other people ordering it. It’s not something that I just [do].

Where’s your pup at?

My dog, he’s a little fat. He’s a French, so he just sits there and snores. I love that damn dog. We walking and snoring. “Platinum! Turn it down!” Want to put a remote control to his ass and turn his ass down.

How much are you dropping on Chanel?

My most expensive Chanel purse is probably $15K. But I’ve went into Chanel and sometimes I spend $20K. Sometimes you spend $30K, sometimes you spend $7K. You never spend no less than $7K in a Chanel store. My boo just bought me this bag [points to red Chanel bag].

“Thumbin” is a banger. Were you feeling yourself?

I’m always feeling myself. When I get my flow going, it’s no stopping. I heard the beat and I automatically go.

That was CoalCash, right? He did Sada Baby’s “Whole Lotta Choppas.”

Yeah, he’s cold. He from the D! He’s from the Midwest, so I fuck with him. I wanted to do something with some people from the Midwest.

How do you feel about Detroit’s music scene?

Man, it’s on firrrrrrrrrrre! Everybody, I love everybody. I love Vezzo, I love Sada Baby, I love Babyface. I ain’t about to name all them, I love all them. Payroll, Big Sean, Royce Da 5’9”. That’s the GOAT!

Speaking of, how was it being the only woman on Big Sean’s “Friday Night Cypher”?

I was the only girl on there. I was excited. When I heard it, I was on a song with Em, Royce, 42 Dugg. He doing his thing too. Pay. Cash Kid. It’s so many people. It was like yeah, I’m on here with all my peers from the D and everybody doing their thing now. So, I was just excited.

What’d it mean to be on Saweetie’s “Hoops” alongside Salt-N-Pepa from the Space Jam: A New Legacy soundtrack?

They were sending us songs for Space JamI did my verse just for Space Jam. When they told me who was all on the project, I said, “Oh hell yeah! This is fire.” Salt-N-Pepa, Saweetie, okay damn! This some girl shit. I like this shit.

Did you listen to Salt-N-Pepa growing up?

I did, but it was my mom used to listen to them all the time.

What does it mean to be a Black woman in America today?

Powerful, it feels powerful. It feels like I have a voice. I feel fearless. It’s an amazing time. It’s an amazing time in the world to be a Black woman of color (winks).

What can we expect from your new project?

It’s fire. It’s time. It’s everything that’s supposed to been happening, that’s what it is.

Anything else you want to let us know?

I ain’t telling y’all, just be ready to see “BMF” because it’s about to come out. I’m in that and I got some more stuff coming I can’t tell y’all.

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