August 27, 2021

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You may have seen Katyln Nichol playing the role of Olivia Lockhar on ABC’s Black-ish, but she’s far more than meets the eye. Hailing from North Carolina, the actress, singer, songwriter, dancer, and all-around creative arrives with her undeniable beauty inside and out, effortlessly reminding the masses the importance of Black Girl Magic.

Katyln inherits musical genes from her parents, who both were musically-included.Like many, she got her start singing in the church. At just 12 years old, Nichol landed a record deal with Mary J. Blige’s Matriarch/Island Def Jam label. Fast forward to a decade later, the recording artist returns with her newest single and visual for “Liar,” a heartbreak anthem that speaks to your soul.

In addition to her standout acting roles on BET’s American Soul and Black-ish, Katyln loves beauty, fashion, music, film, and everything in between. Sheen caught up with Nichol at the Heinken green carpet at the MLS All-Star concert to discuss her love for concerts, inspiration behind “Liar,” favorite memory shooting Black-Ish, self-care routines, go-to beauty products, and more!

What does it mean to be here today at the MLS concert?

It’s super exciting. I love Big Boi, I love Kaytranada. When I heard they were performing, I was like “no freaking way! Yes I have to be there.” It’s super dope, can’t wait to hear some new music.

What was the inspiration behind your single “Liar”?

I have 4 older sisters who’ve been through the wringer. I get half of my content from them. It was a freestyle thing that happened while I was in the studio. It came out of the chorus, we built off of it that way. 


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I love seeing you do choreo from my girl Charm La’Donna, talk about them dance moves too.

Charm’s amazing, she’s super dope. She came in and got a really good feel for the song. She got a really good feel for how my body moves and what looks good on me. I love you Charm. 

Favorite memory from shooting Black-Ish?

Fondest memory, the scene where Junior and Olivia had the parents over for dinner, they heard roaches and rats in the wall. Tracee and Anthony went crazy, it was hilarious. It was hard to keep a straight face. They’re amazing.

What do you do for self-care?

A lot of baths, a little bit of wine. I meditate, I pray. I make sure I have a lot of quiet time. I talk to people I love. 

Beauty go-to products?

I go HAM with some Aveeno. [laughs] You gotta stay moisturized. Water and I love Smashbox foundation, it works best for me. 

What does Black Girl Magic mean to you?

Black Girl Magic is being careless and free. The way a lot of people don’t want us to be for some odd reason. It means drowning out the noise and doing your own thing. It’s allowing yourself to be beautiful, allowing yourself to fully express yourself. That’s Black Girl Magic. 

What’re you most excited for this year as the world opens back up?

Honestly I was excited for concerts. I wanted to go to Coachella. I was ready to rave. I’m excited to be around the energy of life, the performances are really great. 

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