September 17, 2021

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There’s no question that women have been making some of the biggest waves in rap music lately, and The Savagez are no exception. Two young Southern Belles who now reside in Los Angeles, Kellye “Kell” Hardy and Jessica “Jet Dope” Thomas have created a chemistry together that is unmatched. Now, they’re dropping their newest video (soon to be the newest TikTok trend) full of twerking, motorcycles, cash, and all the “RICH B*TCH SH*T” they’re known for.

Since the success of single “On Read,” The Savagez have stayed busy recording music as well as producing a variety of content on YouTube and TikTok. Throughout their careers these young ladies have developed their energy and presence alongside their musical talent, creating a fanbase that’s always hungry for more Savagery!

In this latest video, The Savagez definitely deliver, proclaiming, “Call the plug, I’ma have him drop the bricks off. Get it up, I can’t work it when it’s this soft. Yellow diamonds in the Rollie like it’s pissed off, when I call him on his phone he drop his b*tch off…”

With “RICH B*TCH SH*T,” these talented artists are once again poised to excite the masses with an anthem that will make anyone want to get up and move. Kellye and Jet explain, “The beat for RBS is NOLA-inspired. Being from Dallas, a lot of people moved there from New Orleans after Katrina and we were definitely inspired by their bounce culture. The South is in me. the way I cook, the way I talk, the way I act. Everyone in my family has instilled in me to be a hard worker and be independent.”

Keeping it forever about their own empowerment and the freedom to be themselves, there’s no doubt The Savagez will be setting trends for years to come.

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