September 22, 2021

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NTWRK and P.F. Candle Co. have teamed up for the candle drop of the season. The limited edition collection features some of the viral food trends that took over TikTok and grocery stores all over the world. The collection includes three 7oz candles to bring the sweet smells of TikTok into your home with ease. The mouthwatering collection features viral TikTok recipes like Cloud Bread, Dalgona Coffee, and Feta Pasta. Creators all over the world recreated these iconic recipes and now, it’s P.F. Candle Co.’s turn to bring these delicious scents into your home.

The Cloud Bread candle is a warm scent that feels like home, with layers of marshmallow and French raspberry, the candle will be sure to fill your home and have you tasting the sweet cloud bread created by TikTok creator @linqanaaa. The Whipped Coffee candle, brought to life by creator @imhannahcho, has notes of roasted coffee, vanilla cream, and sandalwood, a P.F. classic. This candle will be the afternoon pick me up you need making you feel awake and energized. The last candle to be featured in this limited edition collection is the fresh and herbaceous Feta Pasta. The candle smells like fresh basil and crushed tomatoes making you feel like you’re sitting around the table with your loved ones. Burning this candle will make you feel okay about not being able to recreate the dish because of the TikTok induced Feta shortage.

This collaboration hits all the essential scents and feelings one should get from lighting a good candle bringing all the best comforting scents into your home for your inner foodie. This limited edition collection will be available on September 22nd on the NTWRK app and online and in-store at all P.F. Candle Co. locations.

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