September 23, 2021

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This is actually not your introduction to Cameron Forbes. The Chicago-born R&B singer and songwriter has already lodged a place in our collective consciousness by co-writing a streak of anthems for artists such as Tyga, including the 7-times platinum mega-smash “Taste.” However, he’s projecting his voice like never before in 2021.

Earlier this year, he channeled the anxiety, rage, and depression from the senseless murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd into “If I Was White,” introducing audiences to one side of his sound. Today, he introduces another.

Cameron teams up with Flaunt to premiere his smooth, soulful, and sexy new single “Endless.”

About the track, he commented, “You don’t f*ck to ‘Endless’–  you make love to it. It’s a mood elevator. Sonically, it’s a love song over a modern-day R&B waltz packed with Doo Wop harmonies and live strings that as elegant & multi-layered like my mom’s cheesecake.”

In the performance video (directed by Anastasia Shulepova & Philip Formenti-Ujlaki), he dons an eye-catching pink suit as he draws the camera to him. Throughout the visual, love is in the air as the dancefloor moves. As a queer artist, Cameron casted the openly trans actress and trans activist Juliana Joel as his romantic lead to give a queer lens to a classically framed video. It makes for a statement from Cameron and the perfect accompanying video to this smooth R&B ballad.

Stay tuned, because Cameron’s influence will be “Endless” in 2021.

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