September 30, 2021

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Writer, producer, and musician duo KTJ & CARLY have electrified audiences and critics with their unforgettable fiery pop singles, including “Hidden” and “Cherry Coke”—but it’s on their new track “Reckless” that their intuitive and powerful songwriting explodes in an emotionally heightened story of opposition. The duo is known for tracks full of fresh ideologies, and their unapologetic take on life experiences mingled with synthy electro-melodies, lush harmonies, and unrelentless talent.

Full of rebellious attitude and trilling beats, “Reckless” explores the push and pull of vulnerability and the freedom of shedding the weight of it when it feels like the world is against you. On the track, the duo says, “There’s nothing in life that is worthwhile if we don’t take risks. Because most times, risks can have wonderful outcomes, even if it doesn’t pan out the way we thought. But there are also times it can become self-destructive behavior.”

They continue, “Not learning from our Mistakes, we become so careless about it that we demolish everything in our path: our friendships, careers, and relationships. We mess it all up, just to do it again—hoping for a new and better outcome every time.”

KTJ & CARLY use songwriting to explore the light and dark in all of us, and “Reckless” veers toward the dark side, abandoning all hope of doing the right thing when hope itself seems lost.

When asked about the essence of the song, they say, “Reckless tells the story of fighting opposition. When everything we do seems to add fuel to the fire.”

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