Meet The Savagez Also Known As GWA; Girls With Attitude

October 4, 2021

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If you’re not familiar with The Savagez prepare to fall in love. With female artists taking over the rap game, this best friend duo is here to declare their place in the music industry, once and for all.

With Jet hailing from South Carolina and Kellye from Dallas, Texas, both ladies draw from their Southern roots with a West Coast influence, deeming their unique sound as “Southern Trap meets West Coast Bounce.”

Upon meeting in Los Angeles, their synergy was unmatched, quickly realizing their own potential as a musical duo. In describing themselves, they state, “We got that Southern charm mixed with LA vibes. That makes us different as a group because we know how to mix the trap beats with the West Coast beats. We’ve been taking over.”

Most recently, they unleashed their new single “RICH BTCH SHT,” pairing with a cinematic visual full of cash, twerking, and flat out debauchery. This arrives on the heels of their previous single “On Read’ produced by DJ Chose. The song itself went all the way up on TikTok, with users posting videos of themselves leaving people on read.

The Savagez are the next up out of the Artistry Records, the same label that discovered, developed and signed Saweetie; lead by music visionary and guru Max Gousse.


AllHipHop: Talk about your roots in the South, how does that influence you?

Jet: Definitely we come from small country towns so when we came to LA, it was definitely a big change for us. But it’s something we always wanted to do. We had always done music back home, but we never really had the opportunity to do it on this type of platform. Coming to LA, it’s all about entertainment. There’s so many people to network with so that’s how we got started.

Kellye: With me being from South Carolina and her being from Dallas, we both love Gucci Mane. Gucci’s in a lot of our music. Even though we’ve been out here for a while, over 5 plus years, the Southern music is still really what I listen to. Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, we love their vibe. But we got some West Coast vibes too. Jet’s-half Colombian so we’ve got some Latin records coming out. We have a whole bunch of stuff.

Jet: A major catalog.

AllHipHop: What do you both bring to the table?

Kellye: We’re different with our sounds as well, that’s why I think we’re different. Jet is good, she can sing a little bit. She’s more melodic, but she still raps like she’s from the South. Me, I like to rhyme more like Gucci Mane.

Jet: She’s swaggy.

Kellye: I’m swaggy. If you listen to our music, you can definitely tell the difference. We’re night and day. I like to be up in the morning, she’s a night owl. We really compliment each other.

AllHipHop: How do you guys record with your time difference? [Laughs]

Kellye: We usually either do it in the afternoon or evening, that’s when we’re both up.

Jet: I pre-record, that’s the time. That’s the perfect time. She’s up and I’m already going.

AllHipHop: How early do you get up?

Jet: I be up at 5am girl, because the sun be waking me up. I have a big window. I literally brought curtains, but now my body wakes up at 5am.

Kellye: I don’t wake up until 11am so she knows not to hit me until after 12pm.

AllHipHop: How did y’all meet though?

Jet: We met through mutual friends. We used to shoot skits at the Sketch house in LA about 4 or 5 years ago. We used to create our own content but we were always doing stuff for other people. Me and her got together like “we need to shoot content for us and get our followers up.” That’s how we started The Savagez.

AllHipHop: How did you guys come up with that name?

Kellye: We had a group chat, it was me, Jet, and our other homegirl. We were talking about savage stuff with dudes. We said “you know what, we’re some savagez.” Before we were rapping together or any of that, our group chat was named The Savagez. It really stuck with us when we started doing our YouTube videos, we really became a group and started promoting on social media. Everybody loved The Savagez, they’d say “y’all are so pretty, but y’all Savagez.” So we love it, yes.

AllHipHop: Is there any meaning behind the “Z”?

Jet: We wanted to be different because to be savage, you see it everywhere. But we wanted something that’s going to stick out, that’s why we went with the Z. Even when you say the name The Savagez, it sounds like it has a Z at the end anyways.

AllHipHop: “Rich Btch Sht” out now! Bring us back to when you guys created the record.

Kellye: It was lit because the beat is more of a main beat. We really love high BPMs, fast bounce music. With her being from Dallas, she has a lot of New Orleans influences so it was really easy for us to record it. We’re always trying to make music for girls to shake their ass to.

Jet: Yeah, we definitely wanted a twerk song.

Kellye: Uh huh, for girls to get lit to. We always be out with our friends: posting, promoting. They played it at brunch the other day and when this song came on, everybody went crazy.

Jet: Oh my gosh, they were dancing with their mimosas! But yaw’ll gotta see the Behind The Scenes too, it was so dope, shout to the squad.

AllHipHop: How was it shooting the music video?

Jet: It was fun, this was one of the biggest music videos we’ve done. We were looking fine getting our hair and makeup done, channelling our inner “Rich Btch Sht.” It was fun, it was a lot of people who were involved. We really got to see how working behind-the-scenes with the team is. It was awesome, it came out good so y’all got to tune in. Go to Youtube.

Kellye: Yes, you got to check out the video. We’ve got dancers in there who were really cutting up, we just love it.

AllHipHop: What is your favorite “Rich B*tch S###” activity?

Jet: Shopping! [laughs]

Kellye: We love shopping. Gotta get that drip!

Jet: We like designer now. Got to get that Fendi, Gucci, Louie, but we own businesses too. We promote small businesses and we both have boutiques. You can still be a rich b####. You don’t have to have on designer to be a rich b####.

Kellye: It’s the energy.

AllHipHop: How was it collaborating with DJ Chose on “On Read”?

Kellye: We love DJ Chose. We worked with him before on our first project. We met him a couple years ago in LA, he had produced a record for us. When we did “On Read,” we went down to Houston because he said “we need to get the real feel of Houston.” We were always working in LA, and it’s cool to work in LA but sometimes you need a different vibe when you travel somewhere else. We gotta go to the South where we’re from and get that Southern beat. When we did the record with him, it was perfect. It meshed together.

Jet: We knew that day it was going to be something special. We put it out, it started going up on YouTube and TikTok before we knew it. After two TikToks, we looked up it was at 200, 500, and then 1,000. We knew we had something special. Chose is our friend, so it was all natural.

AllHipHop: How often are you on TikTok? Talk about the challenges.

Jet: We’re on TikTok a lot. The #OnRead challenge when we dropped that, and the “RBS Challenge.”

Kellye: That’s the new one.

Jet: You can leave anyone on read so dudes were doing it, females. They were doing the memes. Leaving their boo’s on read, leaving their bosses on read.

Kellye: They were getting real creative, from dancers to memes to anything. It was real interesting. We’ve seen some crazy ones. We’ve seen one TikTok with a girl and a snake. A snake?” Then she puts lashes on the snake. What is going on?

Jet: She got a lot of views on that.

Kellye: She did.

AllHipHop: What can we expect from your new EP, Girls With Attitude?

Jet: You’re going to have a variety of different songs, I’m super excited. We’re very versatile, you’re going to really see that on our project. But we’re still making your turn up music because we like to have fun.

AllHipHop: When can we expect the project?

Kellye: Soon, we’re gonna keep y’all posted.

Jet: We’re pushing this single right now so that’s our focus, but right after that, the EP’s dropping.

AllHipHop: How did you guys link with your manager, Max Gousse?

Jet: It’s crazy because I met him a long time ago.

Kellye: She was manifesting this.

Jet: I knew he had worked with some girls in the industry. I said “we need Max” because a lot of people that were trying to work with us wanted to change us. We really wanted to be authentic and be ourselves, he really lets us do that. It’s really a blessing to work with him and the team.

AllHipHop: Jet, you were doing music beforehand right?

Jet: Before, I was a solo artist before I joined the group. Coming in doing the group thing, I had some experience. I’m not going to lie, it’s so much fun working with someone else that has the same drive as you. It’s hard being a woman in the industry, especially working with men. We were always together getting things done. It’s really a blessing, I’m happy to be a Savage!

Kellye: I used to go to all her shows, and I used to be in all her videos. If you look on her on YouTube page, I was the background dancer. It’s crazy, we were always together.

AllHipHop: How does it feel to now be doing this? That’s tight.

Kellye: At first it was weird, because I was always coming to her videos, but I got to see how it was done so I really caught on fast. At first, she said “Kellye, you can’t rap!. Da da da.” [laughs] When I spit for her, after we did our first song together, we knew we had something special. It was a wrap.

Jet: Yeah, I was surprised. Everybody liked us together. If it’s meant to be a group, then let’s do it. I’m not going to hate, two heads is better than one.

AllHipHop: 3 things you guys need in the studio at all times?

Both: Red Bull.

Kellye: Some snacks, some chocolate. We love chocolate. And some tequila!

Jet: Casamigos!

AllHipHop: What would you guys be doing if you weren’t doing music?

Kellye: We’re already entrepreneurs. We were doing YouTube, we both were into acting. We want to be moguls, we have businesses. We’re always grinding, hustling, making money. We’re going to do that regardless. We’re taking over the music industry. We’re going to be doing acting, clothes and building our business and our brand. Everyone across the globe is going to know about The Savagez.

Jet: Exactly!

AllHipHop: Goals for yourself at this point in your career?

Jet: We want to be on billboard, #1. We ain’t stopping until we get there.

Kellye: We’re trying to be great.

AllHipHop: Anything else you want to let the people know?

Jet: Check out “RBS,” stream it. It’s on all platforms and we’re looking forward to seeing those TikToks. Trying to get a viral dance poppin’.

Kellye: We’ll repost you, tag us. If you want to do a video of the song or rap the song on TikTok, we’re posting everybody.

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