October 8, 2021

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Nowadays in an oversaturated music industry, it’s vital to stand out with your own sound, your own brand, and your own authenticity. Insert Dustystaytrue, who stands for just that. Given his name alone, the Connecticut native has made it his life-long mission to always remain real and stay true to who he is at the core… and now he’s bringing that same energy into his music.

Today, Dusty unleashes his highly-anticipated project titled True To Me, premiered today exclusively on Flaunt. The 12-track body of work is not labeled as a mixtape or album, but simply a project which sees Dusty pouring his heart and soul into the microphone. The project was recorded half in Connecticut and half in Charlotte, inspired directly by real-life events and experiences happening in that moment.

Speaking on the project, Dustystaytrue states, “The energy was great during my whole recording process. Every time I went to the studio, there were multiple producers in there ready to work.  It’s all emotion and life experiences. I probably finished at least half the project in Charlotte while I was there for the week. While recording this project, I spoke straight from my life experiences and wanted to give my fans and listeners a chance to dive deeper into my life and mind.”

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