October 13, 2021

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Lloyd P-White is a true Rockstar, also the name of his most recent EP. Clocking in at 6 tracks, the project chronicles the highs and lows of a rockstar’s lifestyle, exploring the dichotomy between light and dark with lyrics inspired by real-life experiences. Spearheaded by lead single “Rockstar Life,” which was written in Lloyd’s car, the recording artist wears his heart on his sleeve with each song.

Hailing from somewhere in between Basel, Switzerland and London, Lloyd was born to an English mother and Hungarian dad, carrying a true melting pot of influences. While music is his biggest passion to date, the rising star also spends his time playing semi-pro soccer. In June of 2020, he suffered a serious injury that nearly cost him his leg… and hence music would be his saving grace.

Lloyd is unique in his own ways. For one, he straddles the realms of alternative rock, indie pop, and trap, creating his own unique sound that fans can’t get enough of. Regardless, he comes alive at his live shows, creating the music with those exact moments on stage in mind.

Flaunt caught up with Lloyd P-White via Zoom, who simply states, “I like to party and make music.” Read below as we discuss his sound, his diverse influences, favorite artists, why he named his EP Rockstar, the inspiration behind “Rockstar Life,” the independent grind, studio essentials, playing soccer, his fashion sense, and more!

Where are you located?

I live in London but I’m in Switzerland at the moment. It’s alright. It’s not as exciting as London to be honest, but I’m going back soon in November.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s hip-hop based, but it’s very dependent on my mood. There’s always a hip-hop base but some of these tracks are more sad, some are more hyped. Whatever mood I’m in is what dictates the type of music I make. I never plan what sound I’m going to make, it just comes out that way. Whatever I’m going through in my life, that’s what gets portrayed in my music.

Who are your favorite artists?

At the moment, I’d have to say Machine Gun Kelly is definitely a big influence. Now as well with him making more pop-punk vibes. From the UK, there’s a few coming up. I don’t know if you know Pa Salieu, he’s African from Gambia. He’s very unique. Slowthai who’s also from the UK, I like him. To name a few.

When did you realize you could do music for a living?

From when I started making music, I always knew, ‘Okay, this is what I was meant to do.’ It was being patient, putting the hours in, and getting better at my craft. I was never in doubt I couldn’t make a living from it, it was literally being patient and sticking at it. Passing all the obstacles on the way.

 Rockstar EP out now! How are you feeling?

Really excited! It’s my debut project. Up to now, I’ve only been releasing singles. It was good to actually work on a full project. It’s been received really well by everyone. I’m going to have my first live show back again in October, I’m really looking forward to performing the songs live.

What made you create an EP called Rockstar?

For me, being a Rockstar is not what a lot of people feel like it is. You don’t need fame or money to be a rockstar, it’s more the lifestyle. I say it in my song as well: I’ve been living like a rockstar before doing music. It’s just now that the music aspect has come to it. It’s literally putting what I go through into a whole EP. Not just the partying, also the lows, it’s quite a rollercoaster ride.

How does it feel to have “Burst” get over 3 million Spotify streams?

That was crazy, especially since we didn’t even do a music video. The growth of the song was completely organic. It’s crazy that it still gets used for so much content and videos online. It’s an older track of mine but still gets so much love. Numbers are one thing, but seeing people loving the track and using it for videos as well as the reaction when I perform it live is just special.

What were you going through recording “Rockstar Life”?

“Rockstar Life” was partly recorded in my car and partly in my bedroom. I record most of my songs from home with a basic setup. The thing is I can only record when no one’s home. So with “Rockstar Life,” I had a creative urge. I said, ‘Oh I need to write this song.’ I went out in my car, took my microphone and my laptop. I drove somewhere with a nice view, recorded the song, then re-recorded it the next day in my room. It was literally an urge of creativity: “I need to write this song straight away.”

Best memory from shooting the music video?

The video was shot here in Switzerland. It was a new experience for me shooting in a film studio with such a big team. A very cool experience for me and the team.

Why is it one of your favorite songs you’ve ever released?

When I make music, I hear the song 10k times. Then shooting the music video, I hear it another hundred times. I feel like I always know if it’s going to be a good song, but I don’t listen to it myself. With that song, even when it was finished and we shot the music video, I kept listening to the song myself. I kept wanting to listen to it. That was an indication like “okay, this song is something special.” It was received as well by not one type of person. Sometimes tracks are received by these types of people, it’s literally all ages. All types of people really listen to the song, that are fans of the song. That song has a broad reach.

What are your favorite songs on the project and why?

“Rockstar Life” because I like listening to it myself. Another one is “Bad & Beautiful” because that’s also one where I literally went out at 3 AM — I posted it on my Instagram story. I went out at 3 in the morning out in my car in this open field, just sat and wrote the whole song. It’s another one of those creative urges. If writing the songs comes naturally like that, the end product is the best.

What do you want people to get from your story?

To never give up. Be patient. If you want to do something, go for it, and don’t be scared of what the consequences are. Don’t be scared to do whatever you want, because you only get one shot at life. My personal way hasn’t been the easiest, but I’ve never regretted anything. I never looked back. If you want to achieve what you want, you’ve got to stick at it.

You’re fully independent, what’s the reality of the grind?

The good thing is you can do everything yourself. Visuals, all the music I can do, literally, I can control everything myself. The harder part is it’s so much work, but I don’t really see it as work because it’s my passion. I love doing it, so it’s not really work.

3 things you need in the studio at all times?

I’d say water for my vocals. I’d like to have a drink while recording so some sort of alcohol I don’t really mind. And peace and quiet. I record from home. I need everyone to be out of the house so I can focus, and no one disturbs me. So weather, alcohol, and peace and quiet.

Do you still play semi-pro soccer?

Yeah, I do, that’s 3 or 4 times a week. I love just doing something completely different from music and exercise. Plus I earn a bit of pocket money as well.

How does playing soccer compare to making music?

It’s pretty similar to be honest because both are an outlook that you switch off. It’s an outlet of energy. Football keeps me fit, that’s the one good thing. It’s pretty similar because they’re both my passion and a release of energy. I love doing both music and football.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

It’s pretty mixed. It’s quite hip-hop-based, but I do like different things from other fashion walks of life. I like punk rock elements in my fashion as well. I like to mix it up a bit. Fashion is a bit like my music: The base is hip-hop and I like to fuse it with a bit of different styles. All kinds of different things, whatever I find in a shop or online.

Goals for yourself at this point in your career?

To keep growing, making better music, growing as an artist. Growing my fanbase and taking it step by step. The sky’s the limit so staying focused and growing in every type of way.

Anything else you want to let us know?

My first live show will be in October in my hometown of Basel, Switzerland. And then in November I’m playing in London which is exciting. Definitely looking forward to performing my EP live for the first time!

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