October 21, 2021

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Israeli singer-songwriter Marina Maximilian is the self-proclaimed “Late Bloomer,” and now she brings the record to life in her newest music video. Premiered today exclusively on Flaunt, “Late Bloomer” sees Marina singing of nurturing her growth and chasing her dreams with the hope of encouraging her listeners to do the same.  The song serves as a heartening anthem about wishing for the harmonious synchronization between one’s goals and realities, and fearlessly pursuing them no matter how long it takes.

In describing the meaning behind “Late Bloomer,” Marina confesses that it acts as a highly personal prayer song and testimonial. “I have the privilege to fulfill myself in a country that I emigrated to with my family,” she states. “I’m so lucky to bring my voice to my society, to be meaningful to my people, and to achieve so many goals. But some dreams haven’t been treated properly yet. Though I’m not a kid anymore, I have the right and the obligation to keep dreaming, keep daring, challenging, and fully fulfilling myself. For me, for my children, in the name of life! My way, God’s timing.”

The “Late Bloomer” visual captures Marina following one of the most inspiring people that she’s had the privilege of meeting: Dror Cohen. Dror is a former pilot who lost his ability to walk in an accident but didn’t let that stop him. He became an extreme athlete and eventually founded an NGO that supports disabled athletes. In the video clip, you see him fulfilling his dream of participating in the world-famous Dakar Rally. Dror, a reluctant “late bloomer,” discovered his new destiny in life under extremely challenging circumstances. Since meeting him when she was 13, Marina has continuously been inspired by him to embrace desire and gratitude for life because there is so much left to discover and do; he was the first person that she thought of when contemplating the meaning of “Late Bloomer.”

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