Lil Keed talks close friendship with Young Thug and shooting the ‘Slime Language 2’ cover

October 25, 2021

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When you’re part of the YSL family, nothing else matters. Insert Lil Keed, who arrives on the scene with his own unique voice, swag, and of course, hit records. The Atlanta native was recently featured on the recent Slime Language 2 compilation album on records “Warrior” with Big Sean and T-Shyne and “Came Out” with Gunna.

With his series of projects titled Trapped In Cleveland, most recently unleashing the third installment last year, Keed takes you into his mind and paints the picture of the trials and tribulations he’s faced. In fact, it was after the death of his good friend Rudy that he decided he’d take the music thing seriously.

From working at Subway and McDonald’s to creating timeless hits like “Nameless” and “HBS,” the rising star is staying on everyone’s necks as he continues to get better each and every day. Plus, he’s a father to his beautiful daughter Naychur.

REVOLT caught up with Lil Keed at the Rar3house show in downtown Los Angeles, who shut down the stage right before headliner Chief Keef. Read below as we discuss his performance, getting Young Thug a Rollie for his birthday, his fashion sense, how “Warrior” was a hook from 2018, making “Came Out” with Gunna, his new single “Rappin Shit,” and more!

How was Thugger’s birthday in Atlanta?

It was lovely. Animals. He had zebras, tigers, a 300-year-old turtle or some shit. Some old turtle. He had turtles and different shit. You had to dress in animal print or safari.

What were you decked out in?

I did a cheetah, a black and red cheetah with pink in it. With some pink Bottega boots.

What do you get someone like Thug for his birthday?

I bought him a Rollie, a 41. A Plain Jane with his name engraved in it. It was great, he loved it.

How much was it?

It was sumthin’. A little sumthin’ sumthin’.

You’re always drippy. How would you describe your fashion sense?

A lot of times, I put on some high-end clothes or vintage — only when I’m performing somewhere or I’m going to a club. It got to be an occasion. Other than that, I dress regular. Air Force 1’s, Amiri jeans, some G-Star jeans, some Polo shirts, nothing too amazing.

How did “Warrior” come about with Big Sean and T-Shyne?

I made that hook in 2018, it’s not new. I heard it again in 2021 with them on there. I think T-Shyne did his verse. I heard it when he’s starting his verse, but I never heard it since then because I forgot about the song. They pulled it out the vault. That’s why it’s always good to have your hard drive with you. You can keep all your music, all your files.

How did Big Sean get on the record?

I don’t even know. I didn’t know nothing until it came out. I was learning the words like everybody else, I just knew my part.

Can we expect a video for that?

Yeah, fasho. It should be soon.

How is it to have your daughter here? Does she go with you everywhere?

Nah, this is her first time. This is her first time here in LA, period. I brought her out for my show and [I’m] taking her to Disneyland…

She’s 2 years old. Does she know daddy’s songs?

Of course. She knows my voice, my music.

How was it collaborating with Gunna on “Came Out”?

We were in the studio chillin’, I did a hook. We constructed the song. I left when Gunna did his part though, he had just started on it when I left the studio. It was about 7 or 8 in the morning, rapping.

Is that how late you guys stay in the studio?

Hell yeah, all the time. Every day. That shit gets you in trouble.

I was interviewing Gotit and he was saying he doesn’t record that much out of the month.

No he doesn’t. When he does record, he’ll make six or seven songs. I record every day. I’m going to do four or five songs.

What do you need for a perfect studio session?

Food, snacks. I like white chocolate. Belaire, weed, and just chill. People who got good energy.

Are you spiritual at all?

Yeah, very spiritual.

Do you meditate?

I don’t meditate, I do other things (laughs).

Like what?

I can’t tell you.

How was it shooting that epic cover art for Slime Language 2? Thug had everyone there!

Oh yeah, he got all us dressed up in different vintage clothing. We had so many clothes, $500K, $600K worth of clothes. A lot of clothes. Shoes, all sizes. Clothes, all sizes. He had the seamstress there, it was crazy. I think I only did two looks. I did one with big ass fur, mink on with purple prints. The other one, I did a sky blue, like this long trench coat. Some Air Force 1’s.

We gon’ get some clothing from Lil Keed?

Yeah, I’m working on my own clothing.

How does it feel to be a Black man in America today?

It feels good because I’m accomplishing my goals, but being careful at the same time to make sure I do what I need to do for my daughter, my immediate family. My family period. Take care of what I need to take care of. My priorities.

Your daughter’s so cute!

I know, but she’s bad. She got a dog too, she named him Name. On God.

What can we expect from your new single, “Rappin Shit”?

I’m talking about stuff what’s going on, how this rap shit sometimes don’t be what it seems. You make it what it is. That’s all it’s talking about. How n*ggas be cappin’ and shit.

Was there a certain instance that inspired it?

Just life. I’m still human, I go through shit. But, I go to my music, it’s how I relieve my stress. Get stuff off my mind.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Talk To Em 2, hardest shit ever. It’s going back to my core fans, the ones who were with me when I first started rapping. This is dedicated to them, mixed with the new me.

What’s the new you?!

My style of rapping is different. I grew, I matured. I sing a lot.

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