October 27, 2021

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Kevin Garrett has written for all the greats, from Beyonce to James Black to Cynthia Erivo. Now, the Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and recording artist shifts his focus to his own artistry, creating his own feel-good original music that transcends the genres of alternative and pop.

Today, Garrett returns with his highly-anticipated new EP titled Keep Sleeping, a project he deems to be his strongest record to date. With the 5-track body of work, the Pittsburgh native makes it a point to have something for everyone, showcasing his versatility and many dimensions that come with being an ever-evolving artist.

Garrett reveals there are several meanings behind the title, stating, “I made these songs with Xander fairly quickly over a couple FaceTime calls, otherwise ‘in my sleep’ as it were. The broader meaning touches on something I’ve been told throughout my career, which is that I’m generally overlooked in the industry. It’s a message to those people who have been sleeping on me as an artist, I guess that’s the chip on my shoulder talking.”

The Keep Sleeping EP is not so much of a departure, but a fun glimpse into Garrett’s sense of humor amidst the down-the-middle stylings. His hope is for listeners to lean into the irony of it all, with this project marking the beginning of what’s to come.

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