October 28, 2021

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Indie-pop outfit Firewoodisland releases their new single “Snow (Dripping Woollen Jumpers),” via Warner Music UK, which looks set to warm the icy winter airwaves.

Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri are the creative duo behind Firewoodisland. Hailing from Norway, the nostalgic track premiered today exclusively on Flaunt was written as an ode to their home and was inspired by childhood memories. “Having not seen our Norwegian family for a long while, this song was written as a trip down memory lane. A throwback to being a child enveloped in the atmosphere during winter – the freezing shimmering snowflakes descending from nowhere, the safety of a warm living room lit by a fireplace,” they explain.

On “Snow,” the duo aims for a simplistic, naive beauty, which they achieve consistently. The amount of care and attention to detail that so clearly went into the track’s creation alongside it’s stylistic uniqueness, results in an intimate piece of music that sonically captures the emotion beautifully. Tempering an uncluttered soundscape with the band’s characteristic vocal harmonies, “Snow‘(Dripping Woollen Jumpers)” leaves an unmistakable mark.

They give some insight into the sonic elements of the track: “To complement the sentiment, we decided to keep the track relatively stripped-down but with a lot of little details and cinematic elements. We’re hoping for people to share in the warm memories and connect with the nostalgia of snowy winters.”

Stream/ buy it here.

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