October 29, 2021

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Australian 5-piece Sticky Fingers have just dropped two new singles, “Saves The Day” and “My Rush.” Having waited years for the alternative rock band to release new music, they’re now making up for lost time, revealing tracks from their upcoming and extremely highly anticipated album, We Can Make The World Glow. 

The contemplative “Saves the Day” stays true to the band’s reggae-tinged sound, with it’s slow groove creating the perfect laid-back, mellow atmosphere, for those slow Sunday mornings. The track speaks of writing a song for a love interest, only to find out she doesn’t like music. But this total dealbreaker actually led to some goodness, with bassist Paddy Cornwall admitting how he went into an exploration of self-reflection and ultimately, growth.

Cornwall shares, “‘Saves the Day’ is about the importance of confronting your past and coming to terms with it. ‘I said I’m sorry sister for the damage I have done, I said I’m sorry Mumma for what I’ve become.’”

“My Rush” takes a darker approach, stepping outside of the band’s typical sound. Written about addiction during a time when singer Dylan Frost was struggling with his mental health, the band unconsciously conjured up an ominous and haunting song. With lyrics like, “I could wake up in the ward dripping epipens” and “this world is insane, believe me ‘cause I’m, I’m back from the dead,” it’s an insight into the dark times the band were going through.

Shortly after recording the track, Frost was admitted to hospital and placed in the ICU. A clear indication into just how rough things had gotten. Cornwall adds, “P.S Diz came out okay he’s still nuts as ever but he’s here and singing like a champion on this one.”

With the release of fifth album, We Can Make The World Glow, on the horizon, Sticky Fingers are demonstrating their sheer strength and musicianship and finally giving their fans what they’ve been waiting for.

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